The big picture

Changing shopper behavior has accelerated the luxury market’s transition to an omnichannel system. Considered as one of the more resilient industries, the metamorphosis of luxury fashion marketplaces to digital platforms has been swift. Purple Style Labs was one of the early eCommerce retailers in this space and has consistently delivered a stellar shopping experience for their shoppers. To continue the customer-first tradition, they turned to to help deliver recommendation solutions that would help them create personalization for their shoppers - and help shoppers discover brands and enjoy a luxurious experience on their site effortlessly.

In less than a year, their multi-designer platform Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop saw a 26.3% increase in user engagement rate with

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The problem

PSL has built a digital luxury empire with a single-minded focus on delivering luxury in the most efficient way possible. Their USP has been amplifying the conversation around luxury brands while improving reach for these brands digitally. Purple Style Labs famously focuses on translating luxury retail experiences online and delivering maximum value for shoppers through the entire shopper journey.

To craft the best possible experiences for their shopper while providing solutions that would help every shopper find the right product at the right time, PSL required a solution that would:

  1. Surface the right product for the right shopper, and at the right time
  2. Deliver shopper journeys that provided value to the shopper at every touchpoint.
  3. Rapidly analyze, tweak, and deliver recommendation strategies across the site.

This brought them to


Dynamically personalized similar products to ensure users saw the most relevant products through the shopper journey.

Shoppers considering a product probably like one or more of its attributes and are likely to be interested in other products with attributes similar to the choice they have made. If they are looking for options and don’t see a product that they like, they lose interest and drop off.

To avoid this, boosted its similar products recommendation with dynamic personalization on product pages. This ensured that users see a selection of products similar to the product the shopper is viewing. With dynamic personalization, the recommendations matched the affinities and preferences displayed in shopper's latest clicks and site activity.

Premium marketplace personalizes digital luxuryPremium marketplace personalizes digital luxury

In April & May the average price of product sold reduced due to sale period and COVID.

Attributable products purchased (%) during this period has remained consistent

Brand-based similar product recommendations to retain users who have clear brand-preferences

Shopper data analyzed over some time showed that shoppers coming to the site were looking for specific brands and had clear preferences on what they wanted from the store. The shoppers were more likely to continue on their shopper journey and keep coming back to the site if they knew they would find their preferred brands every time.

PSL’s team and’s team opted to have brand-based recommendations along with similar products on the product page.’s Similar Products help expose more products within the same brand to the shopper.

Brand based Similar Product recommendations have improved revenue contributed from modules on product detail page by 75%

Premium marketplace personalizes digital luxury

Search page personalization to reduce drop offs and improve product discovery

When a shopper searches for a product and sees no results, she is likely to leave the site without making a purchase. This drop off in the conversion funnel can be rectified with the right kind of personalization in the search pages. The customer used to implement recommendations like recently viewed on the search page that gave the customers the option of jumping back into their journey. This strategy helped increase click-through rate and revenue contribution from the search page resulting in close to a 72% increase in click-through rate in the first six months of implementation.’s recommendations on the search results page help shoppers discover trending products that they would like. An increase in click-through rate is indicative of shoppers using the widget.

Premium marketplace personalizes digital luxury

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