Personalized emails stand out as one of the most effective, impactful, and strategic ways of ensuring shoppers remain committed to the journey they started on site. These mails result in a 26% increase in open rates and an average increase of 20% in sales. has an email personalization solution that helps retailers add 1:1 personalized recommendations to emails. helps:

  1. Add compelling, personalized content to mails that will improve click rates and increase engagement and conversion
  2. Use emails as a means to drive cross-product sales
  3. Use emails as a means to bring shoppers back to the site and as a retention platform
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How personalizes email marketing

What retailers asked for

What we built

Better email segmentation that will help with relevant product recommendations enables retailers to personalize their emails to every single shopper. Improved engagement and retention.

Email personalization strategies that are aligned to the shopper journey on the site’s recommendations on mail will reflect even the last point of shopper’s interaction on the retailers’ website/app, thereby enabling efficient dynamic personalization.

Taking into account the availability of products

Recommendations by are generated dynamically at the time of open. It excludes out-of-stock and unavailable items in the catalog.

A better understanding of shopper personas and data signals’s email recommendation leverages contextual data signals left behind by shoppers and also captures their visual interests.

User Stories: Retailers and Email Personalization

Customer 1: Resale marketplace

The customer is one of the biggest resale marketplaces globally. Their business revolves around creating unique and stellar shopper journeys for every customer across channels. Their mission is to drive forward the idea of circular fashion with the help of AI

They were looking for solutions that

  1. Would power 1:1 personalization irrespective of where the shopper was engaging
  2. Would provide recommendations to keep shoppers engaged and improve retention
  3. Would adjust in real-time to shopper interests, surface the most appropriate product, and enable product discovery

A/B tests were also conducted by sending personalized recommendations powered by to one set of shoppers, while another set received emails with trending products that were not personalized. The results show a significant improvement in engagement rate and uplift in click-to-open rate.

Implementing strategies helped the customer see:

The customer saw a 53% uplift in CTOR on mails with recommendations and a 62% improvement in engagement rate on emails with personalized recommendations.

Customer 2: Diversified global retailer

The customer is one of the oldest and biggest diversified global retailers. They operate retail stores across North America. The customer wanted to understand how to improve engagement, conversion, and AOV through email. They wanted data-backed solutions that would

Two A/B tests were conducted by the customer to better understand the impact of’s email personalization.

The first A/B test involved powering styling recommendations that showed shoppers a complete outfit for one group, while another received emails with in-house recommendations.

Users engaged (44%) and converted (12%) better with this’s recommendations

Product page personalization to boost product discovery and conversion

Personalized styling options powered by for improved product discovery and better AOV, For the second A/B test two test groups were sent emails with

Users converted better (48%) with’s styling recommendations

Product page personalization to boost product discovery and conversion

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