The big picture

Retailers are no longer satisfied with defining customer experience within the framework of audience segmentation or in the context of individual touchpoints on the site.

This customer has built a mindful shopper and community-driven brand. The customer's site revolves around telling a story through their product and helping shoppers find items that fit a particular aesthetic and lifestyle they envision for themselves.

To help them amplify their design-led aesthetic, the customer turned to to provide their shoppers with personalized recommendations that would merge seamlessly with the site while optimizing their channels for easy discoverability and experience.

In less than a year of deployment, the customer saw 9x better conversions with recommendations.

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The problem

A meticulous and near-obsessive focus on building a design-led brand has helped the customer create a shopper base & community incredibly loyal to the brand. A pioneer in stand-alone lifestyle brands, the customer was looking to craft experiences that would extend the brand’s aesthetic and personalized service to the site.

To build recommendation systems that would provide solutions to help every shopper find the right product at the right time, the retailer required a system that would:

  1. Provide recommendations that are in line with the shoppers intent, preferences, and style profiles
  2. Go beyond legacy recommendations by considering every shopper and every journey on the site.
  3. Rapidly analyze, tweak, and deliver recommendation strategies across the site.

The natural choice for a partnership was

The Solution

Similar product recommendations to sustain engagement and increase the chance of purchase

Shoppers want variety while shopping, but the variety also needs to be in line with their intent, preferences, and style profile. When there are too many irrelevant product selections offered as recommendations, shoppers are more likely to abandon the site without a purchase. To side-step this scenario, the customer implemented’s similar products recommendations across the site.

The similar products recommendation boosted with dynamic personalization ensured

  1. Modules showed users a selection of products similar at the attribute level to the product the shopper is viewing.
  2. Dynamically personalized recommendations show shoppers the most relevant product that matches their preferences and reflects changes with every click they make on the site.

This strategy ensured a significant increase in revenue contribution and the number of products purchased on the site.

Lifestyle brand builds 1:1 shopper journeys

Inconsistent behaviour in April & May can be attributed to lockdowns due to COVID

Dynamic personalization to ensure an increase in engagement and conversion.

Shoppers want eCommerce portals to reflect real-world conditions as closely as possible. The experience includes being able to see products in real-time and have recommendations reflect the shoppers’ mood and intent every time they click, swipe, or see a product. To ensure their shoppers got the best experience every time they came on the site, the customer worked with to implement A/B testing of dynamic personalization on their site.

Data-backed testing of solutions meant showing users real-time recommendations on-site and showing a control group similar products that were not dynamically personalized.

The customer saw an 80% increase in user engagement rate and a 100% increase in conversion rate with dynamic personalization.

Lifestyle brand builds 1:1 shopper journeys

Cross product recommendations to improve cross category purchases and thereby basket value

Shoppers were looking for a specific design or pattern even when shopping across categories. Alignment in print or shape, or aesthetic was a frequent ask. To avoid shopper drop-off and ensure users always found what they were looking for, regardless of category, the customer and enabled cross-product recommendations for the product page.

Cross product recommendations

  1. Provides shoppers with an array of choices that relate to and complement the product they are viewing or have chosen.
  2. Bases the selection of products on shopper preferences, current session intent, and business rules - and makes it unique to every single shopper
  3. Enables increase in basket size by recommending products that complement the primary product.

Improvements made for Cross Product recommendations in Home Category has improved CTR by 60%.’s solutions customizes recommendations based on each customers catalog.

Lifestyle brand builds 1:1 shopper journeys

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