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In this session, Abraham Thomas - Chief Data Officer, Quandl & Anandamoy Roychowdhary - Investor, Sequoia Capital India discuss about the technology trends that will help retailers accelerate their growth online. The session highlights the many ways in which retailers should approach digital investment, how retailers must really be looking at AI, the future of AI and so much more! The speakers also outlined the dramatic acceleration of the future using technology & the Universal steps in data businesses: acquire, transform, apply and deploy.

Content Time
Uses and applications of data to navigate these uncertain times. 00:08:03
Different categories of data 00:16:16
Universal steps in data businesses 00:24:37
New technology for efficient retail operations. 00:31:50
AI & the future of AI 00:36:23
Core competencies in retail 00:59:49

Meet the


Abraham Thomas

Abraham Thomas

Chief Data Officer, Quandl

Anandamoy Roychowdhary

Anandamoy Roychowdhary

Investor, Sequoia Capital India

Key highlights


A discussion on how COVID-19 is transforming retail and how significant part of this behaviour change will be permanent


How do retailers use data to give their customers an online experience that matches the offline experience


How can retailers use customer data in ways that are not only beneficial but also respectful


Why retailers need to double down on technology investments to benefit their business and their customers, and the key tech trends that they need to know

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