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A roundtable panel to discuss how Grocery was catapulted into digital transformation and the way forward in our new normal. Watch Brijesh Bharadwaj, Director of Product Management, Dunzo & Gaurav Juneja, Co-founder at StarQuik, A TATA Enterprise discuss how the pandemic has accelerated the transition to grocery e-commerce, the tech investments that online grocery players are looking at right now and how the grocery store of the future looks like.

Content Time
What’s the hype around Grocery 00:02:40.83
The vectors that influence a grocery purchase 00:07:07.29
Merging offline and online retail: Building visibility and creating partnerships 00:11:26.70
Personalization and customization for every user’s homepage 00:13:00.00
The shift in consumer behaviour post-pandemic 00:15:30.89
Finding your ideal target audience 00:20:50.61
StarQuik’s customer facing stack and supply chain stack 00:35:47.15
Q&A with Brijesh and Gaurav 00:43:21.12

Meet the


Brijesh Bharadwaj

Brijesh Bharadwaj

Director of Product Management, Dunzo

Gaurav Juneja

Gaurav Juneja

Co-Founder at StarQuik, A TATA Enterprise

Key highlights


Grocery e-commerce’s accelerated transition during the pandemic


Overcoming the points of friction for grocery e-commerce players in the market


Ensuring retention in grocery by e-commerce & digital players


Grocery e-commerce players’ gameplan to push consumers online


Key tech investments online grocery players are looking at right now


Future of grocery stores & the change in the current user base

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