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No two customers are the same - so why should their experiences on a retailer's site be the same? In this episode of R-Vue Connect, learn about how brands are leveraging technology to provide the best e-commerce experiences for their customers. Watch Lauryn Vaughn, Founder & CEO, The Upside & Kaushik Mukherjee, Co-founder & COO, SUGAR Cosmetics in a conversation as they come together to discuss the importance of using technology and AI to engage meaningfully with customers to build loyalty and drive retention.

Content Time
How the pandemic changed things for The Upside 00:04:13
Kaushik on SUGAR’s digital presence, competition and acquisition 00:11:39
The shift to online retail 00:19:27
Managing sourcing, demand and supply 00:28:39
Recreating personalised offline experiences, online 00:39:24
Getting into new-age retail 00:42:31
How do you build trust and keep that trust intact with your loyal customer base 00:45:34

Meet the


Lauryn Vaughn

Lauryn Vaughn

Founder & CEO, The Upside

Kaushik Mukherjee

Kaushik Mukherjee

Co-founder & COO, SUGAR Cosmetics

Key highlights


How do you recreate an in store experience for your customers, online?


How does a good e-commerce experience encourage repeat purchases and boost customer loyalty?


As the pandemic continues to discourage regular movement, how can brands which rely on “touch & feel” encourage customers to buy online, confidently?


How are retailers creating memorable shopping experiences online? By investing in tech, AI and automation solutions.

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