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In this session, Julia Dietmar, CPO at Vue.ai & Bhavani Tirumurti, Director of Product, VueModel at Vue.ai discuss a topic that is relevant & critical to retail and e-commerce right now - achieving on-model product imagery without doing photoshoots. The session outlined a detailed road map on how Virtual Models can play a key role in helping retailers go to market quicker and offer better retail experiences in a rapidly changing e-commerce environment.

Content Time
The rise of the virtual model 00:02:55
Automated On-model fashion imagery 00:15:09
Virtual Models: Behind the scenes 00:17:54
Virtual Models: Use cases 00:24:20
On-model fashion imagery for retailers 00:29:17
Customer Stories - Elisa Rossi, Co-founder, Milaner 00:33:16

Meet the


Julia Kaplan Dietmar

Julia Kaplan Dietmar

CPO, Vue.ai

Bhavani Tirumurti

Bhavani Tirumurti

Director of Product, VueModel, Vue.ai

Key highlights


A discussion on various problems faced by retailers with offline fashion photography and improving productivity with AI powered fashion imagery


How Virtual Models and 3D model scan can help create immersive experiences online and digitize processes


How brands should consider retail’s rapid transition from offline to online formats


One of our customers, Elisa Rossi, Co-founder of Milaner shared her experience on the critical use of virtual models to sustain and grow their business during the pandemic

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