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Angie Flynn, VP, Customer Success at Vue.ai & Swarna Rethas, Head, Solutions Engineering at Vue.ai highlight the importance of automating key processes to create and leverage enriched product data. The session also unveiled why clean & accurate data can fuel not only better customer experiences but also better business decisions. Learn how AI Powered data extraction can supercharge your business to greater heights.

Content Time
The current retail environment 00:02:01
Current challenges faced by retailers 00:09:07
Automated Product Tagging: Use cases 00:10:47
Business Impact: AI powered product tagging 00:22:56
Customer Stories - Eileen Rizzo, CIO & SVP, IT, Ashley Stewart 00:24:39

Meet the


Angie Flynn Wright

Angie Flynn Wright

VP, Customer Success,

Swarna Rethas

Swarna Rethas

Head, Solution Engineering,

Key highlights


An overview of the common inventory and assortment related issues that retailers are facing right now


Understanding the need for clean & comprehensive data for retailers


How high quality product data can enable businesses to survive the post-pandemic retail environment


An overview of the current state of the retail industry & the impact of the COVID-19 crisis from Eileen Rizzo, CIO, VP of IT, Ashley Stewart

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