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A fireside chat between Remo Gettini, CTO of Depop & Julia Dietmar, CPO of Vue.ai where they discuss the impact of COVID-19 in the fashion industry, the emergence of the new ‘normal’ & the crucial role of technology to navigate through these unprecedented times. The session highlights the importance of digital maturity becoming a vaccine during COVID-19. The session also indicated how being digitally strong can add value to businesses, and help overcome challenges during this time.

Content Time
Community - Buyers & Sellers 00:08:06
Change in user behaviour due to the pandemic 00:17:52
Digital maturity as a vaccine 00:25:19
Depop’s strategy for fashion influencers 00:33:40
Depop’s use of technology 00:38:07

Meet the


Remo Gettini

Remo Gettini

CTO, Depop

Julia Kaplan Dietmar

Julia Kaplan Dietmar

CPO, Vue.ai

Key highlights


An overview of how Depop is handling the COVID-19 crisis as a company


A detailed brief on Depop’s support for its community of sellers and buyers during this crisis


The new normal in the fashion industry during these times


How is Depop tackling the tumult & issues in the resale space due to the pandemic

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