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In this session, Marco Milioli, CMO, Hyphen-Group & Alessio Saraceno, COO, Hyphen-Group highlight the process of systemic digital transformation, virtual product photoshoot management and process optimization. The speakers also touch upon the importance of creating Digital ID’s of products in every phase of the product life-cycle and how AI can help support business operations.

Content Time
What is digital product identity 00:03:51
The need for digital transformation 00:09:09
Fashion industry accelerating innovation 00:32:00
Role of AI in product data 00:33:06
3D product experience 00:36:19

Meet the


Marco Milioli

Marco Milioli

CMO, Hyphen-Group

Alessio Saraceno

Alessio Saraceno

COO, Hyphen-Group

Key highlights


An overview of how PCM (DAM + PIM + PM) works & the importance of product digitization


The role of COVID-19 in the digital transformation scenario: awareness, acceleration and risks


How retailers apply these tools in sales, ecommerce and marketing


The role of digital product identity in a systemic digital transformation process

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