"Vue.ai’s goal is to fix fragmented fashion. Ashwini Asokan, Founder & CEO claims that “fashion has the most problems to solve - not a single brand has a central view into their product and consumer data” and furthermore, consumer behaviour data and merchandising data are disconnected. Vue.ai offers a centralised data brain to join these digital dots."

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"These are solutions that optimize the bottom line for retail companies,” said Ashwini Asokan, Founder & CEO of Vue.ai. “We are digitizing products 10X faster than you did before. You cannot afford to lose productivity and efficiency, online retail is not somewhere you can lose money."

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"The future of retail is entertainment. The experience economy we see today is the start of that era. Brands are shifting to designing worlds that consumers want to be a part of and that has to integrate with the new ways people shop. Vue is the electricity that powers all these complicated and important retail functions so retailers can focus on the business of entertaining you."

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With the AI based Model Generator, everything changes. No more fashion photography at the same scale or costs incurred from the same.

Costa Colbert, Chief Scientist at Vue.ai, from GTC at NVIDIA.

Out of the Subscription box: Designing new retail experiences with AI

Not only are you telling someone they can wear a shirt five ways, you’re showing them three ways to wear it specific to [their personality and style]. You can do things on a scale impossible for a stylist, with a visual style based AI powered solution. The stylist then becomes someone who’s setting the bigger tone [and] saying whether it’s right or wrong. - Ashwini Asokan, CEO of Vue.ai, in Forbes AI

Artificial Intelligence can say yes to the dress

The AI can generate a human figure, then predict how the garment would fit. Since there is no real-life model, the AI can generate any kind of body or skin type. This isn’t a death knell for high fashion photography or artistic cover shoots, but the days of a headless model photographed against a white background will soon be over. - VueModel featured in Quartz.
Can This AI Really
Can This AI Really "Fix" Fashion's Data Problem?

Ashwini Asokan is a rare breed of female entrepreneur - the breed that encouraged VC’s to empty their pockets...

Vue.ai raises $17M to equip online retailers with AI smarts
Vue.ai raises $17M to equip online retailers with AI smarts

Vue.ai, a U.S./India startup that develops an AI platform to help online retailers work more efficiently and sell more...

Retail Automation Platform Provider Vue.ai Raises $17 Million in Latest Round
Retail Automation Platform Provider Vue.ai Raises $17 Million in Latest Round

Vue.ai, which describes itself as a “platform for intelligent retail automation,” said it raised $17 million in a Series B ...

Meet the Indian women taking the tech industry by storm
Meet the Indian women taking the tech industry by storm

Insight and foresight, undaunted vision and unrelenting hard work have rocketed these women to great heights...

Ashwini Asokan — All Raise #WomanCrushWednesday

April is Artificial Intelligence month at All Raise and our third AI #WCW is Ashwini Asokan, co-Founder and CEO of Vue.ai ...

This AI Learns Your Fashion Sense and Invents Your Next Outfit

Artificial intelligence might just spawn a whole new style trend: call it “predictive fashion.” In a paper published on the ArXiv...

Out Of The (Subscription) Box: How AI Can Redesign Customer Experience

Take a stroll down memory lane, along a Main Street lined with big glass storefronts crowded with wonderful items...

The Robots Are Coming For Your Wardrobe

The husband and wife duo behind Chennai-born AI startup Mad Street Den are determined to change the way you...


Barely a year ago, Asokan, the CEO, told Fortune India she saw artificial intelligence (AI) startup Mad Street Den...

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