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The Partnership Program is an eCommerce experience management suite which combines the power of product, customer and business intelligence using Computer Vision & NLP. Retailers across the globe use to grow revenue by personalizing and curating the customer experience, and save costs by

enabling end-to-end retail automation across site merchandising, product, eCommerce & marketing operations.’s partnership program aims at providing a broad range of solutions to help companies tailor digital experiences for each and every consumer.

Solution Partners
Technology Partners

Our Solution Partners aim at providing strategic guidance and implementing the product portfolio to ensure they’re building sophisticated solutions for their customers.


Build new revenue channels:’s partner program offers a lucrative Partner Commission Model. On top of this, our partners can generate additional revenue by implementing the A.I. product suite for your customers.

Win deals faster: Decrease the time taken to convert prospects to customers by having direct access to ongoing training on platform functionality and newly-developed features. Each partner also gets a dedicated partner manager and access to our marketing team for accelerated GTM Strategy.

Partner at zero cost: As a’s solution partner, you’ll gain instant access to exclusive resources, programs, tools, and connections at zero cost.

Your launchpad for growth: The Partner Network is built on a simple premise: Together, we can accomplish more. When you join the network, you become a member of a community with the pioneers in the A.I. industry, work with global leaders in retail, healthcare, education, and are more dedicated to providing additional value to our clients.

Solution Partner

Our Technology Partnership Program helps in creating a joint value proposition to extend business automation and intelligence across the entire technology stack.


Be a technology leader: Integrate with the best-in-class A.I. experience management suite to strengthen your solution with extended support from our product solution experts.

Expand your market: Gain exclusive access to our customer portfolio to sell combined solutions with products.

Win deals faster: Partners get to work with their dedicated Partner Managers and the Marketing team to create a GTM Plan and expedite the sales process.

Technology Partner
Karen Bruck

Karen Bruck,

VP Marketplace

"When it comes to product discovery on an eCommerce platform, everything from our search algorithm to our recommendations to what we send on our email and push notifications is important. That is why we are also partnering with an intelligent retail automation company like, to really push the bar and get some of those world standards to be introduced to our platform."

Chris Homer

Chris Homer,

Co-Founder & CTO

"’s technology powers personalisation - Customers fill out a style profile, tell us what they like and upload mood boards from Pinterest. Then, combining’s technology plus our own stylists in the loop, we curate a box for them. Customers receive 10-12 items, try them and return what doesn’t work. It gives our customers convenience, freedom, privacy, flexibility and we found to be a very powerful addition to the platform."

Elisa Rossi

Elisa Rossi,


"At Milaner, we try to produce things in a way that doesn't create any environmental waste and this technology aligns perfectly. We were able to do this at 1/4th the cost & 5x the speed. In these challenging times, VueModel proved to be a lifesaver because we can’t have models travel to our photography studio in Milan. This is the perfect example of how a technology became a lifesaving, necessary technology at this time"

Shoji Kimura

Shoji Kimura,


"With’s Personalization Suite, we saw 8x the engagement from users who had interacted with, compared to users who hadn‘t interacted with them. The average basket size per order via recommendations was 40% larger than that of non-engaged users. The team has also been really prompt with suggestions for optimizing the placement of widgets, for constantly improving results."

Santiago Valdes

Santiago Valdes


"I would really like to thank the team for the constant feedback and amazing disposition you've had. We're not a very tech-savvy company - in fact, we are pretty small for the size of companies you work with - but we've felt as we were a Fortune 500 from the treatment we've been given. There's always patience to explain and implement any of our suggestions. Really a world class team and I'm sure we made the right decision on working with you guys in the long term."

Kishore Mardikar

Kishore Mardikar


"We worked with to introduce the recommendation component on our homepage and they are very clearly one of the positive benefits. What we found is the ability to showcase products that are closer to what the customer wants and build a bit of relevance with the customers. The recommendations component actually has given us the ability to move the traffic more towards the category pages and has improved the performance of the homepages."

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