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Snap Kick-off

First use case-to-value demonstration in 30 days from data access. Vertical takeoff
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AI-led Rapid Rollouts

AI-activated data extraction,
auto-plotted knowledge graphs,
AI-picked models.
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Perfectly Landed Implementation

Network effect in play. Every use case. Go-live standardizes data, processes, & model deployment.
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Our 30:60:90 promise

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Ready, we are.

Our Enterprise AI Orchestration Promise


Models do not an AI make! Switch to a
data-centric approach to
AI Transformation.

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Data Self-Prep AI

Connect, Ingest. Clean, Enrich. Messy data meets its match.

Adaptive Automation

Guided straight-through processing. Machine-first. Like adaptive cruise control.

Composable Workflows

Effortlessly design complex workflows. Drag-and-drop low-code interface. Modularize, compose, and save time with preset templates.

Self-Learning AI and Active Learning

Federated models. Respond to contextual shifts and adapts with user behavior.

Quick Bootstrap with Little Data

Train models with smaller data samples out of the box, very quickly. Short-term learning models meet optimized long term models.

High Dimensional Graphs

Access the richest customer, product and process graphs.


The co-managed
roll-out boot camp for
your business teams


Day 30: Pilot Go-Live
Day 60: ROI Proof
Day 90: Scale
Feel the G-force.

Lockstep Reports

Quarterly reports. From the trenches to the sponsors. Transformation mission accomplished.

Head Start

Outcome-focused solution workshop. All aboard. Ready for take off.

All-in Accountability

Committed outcomes. Walk-away clauses. means business value.


Go deep. Go wide. Power corners of your org, your average AI app won't.

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Say ‘No’ to dozens of single-purpose apps.

Orchestrate industry-specific workflows. Bring teams, functions, processes and applications together.

IndustriesData HubAutomation HubCustomer Hub Optimization Hub
eCommerce & Consumer
  • Product tagging

  • Content moderation

  • Catalog assortment visualization

  • User events onboarding & visualization

  • Automated on-model imagery

  • Excess inventory management

  • Thematic product curations

  • Personalized eCommerce & marketing  journeys

  • Virtual  dressing rooms

  • Product recommendations

  • Customer loyalty program personalization

  • Inventory demand prediction & forecasting

  • Channel optimization

  • Churn prediction

  • Customer data taxonomy creation

  • Document data extraction

  • Data visualization & management

  • Content attribute extraction

  • Claims adjudication

  • Invoice processing automation

  • Fraud detection

  • Loan & insurance processing

  • Personalized L&D for sales executives

  • Cross-selling personalized services

  • Consumer profile management

  • Lead scoring across services

  • Recommendations for sales efficiency

  • User credit scoring & risk assessment

  • Data insights and decision mapping

Staffing & Logistics
  • KYC data extraction

  • User data validation

  • SEO content generation

  • Content data enrichment

  • Accounts payable workflow

  • Document & personnel onboarding

  • Curated content collections

  • Route planning

  • Predictive inventory placement

  • User segmentation

  • Fulfillment optimization 

  • Collections optimization

  • Advertising campaign optimization

  • Dynamic pricing has helped us a lot with building and expanding our solution, Automated Smile Assessment. They ultimately gave us a significant advantage.

Julian Artopé

Founder & CEO

We found out
to be a very powerful addition
to our platform.

Chris Homer

Founder & CEO

I must say that the technology, sincerity, commitment, partnership, approach and the people at are amazing!

Pratik Pal


The partnership with has been instrumental in Dubai CommerCity’s digital transformation. The intelligent document processing solution has significantly enhanced customer experience for us.

Arjun Sarkar

Senior Director, Digital Solutions

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