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Revolutionizing Ethical AI in Fashion Photography: The VueModel Story4 min read

October 6, 2023   |   3 min read
Krithika Anand

Senior Marketer

Revolutionizing Ethical AI in Fashion Photography: The VueModel Story4 min read

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In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, where visuals reign supreme, the demand for high-quality product imagery is higher than ever. However, the rise of AI in the fashion industry has raised significant ethical concerns. Enter VueModel, an AI-powered On-Model Product Imagery solution that not only empowers retailers to uphold their ethical standards but also streamlines processes, reshaping the way they approach product photography for their eCommerce sites.

The Ethical AI Imperative:

In a time when ethical concerns surrounding artificial intelligence are on the rise, it’s imperative for tech companies to take a stand and develop products that not only streamline processes but also uphold ethical standards. has embraced this challenge, positioning itself as a proponent of ethical AI practices.

The Unfortunate Side of AI Headlines:

It’s no secret that AI has garnered attention, often for the wrong reasons. Exploitative practices make headlines, overshadowing the countless beneficial and ethical applications of the technology. aims to break this trend by being a force for good, focusing on creating AI solutions that contribute positively to society.

What Sets Apart? stands out in the AI landscape for two key reasons. First, unlike many that seem to appear overnight, has been developing AI solutions for more than half a decade. This extensive experience has allowed us to refine our approach and deliver solutions that truly cater to our clients’ needs effectively.

Second, our roots are deeply embedded in the fashion and retail industry. understands both the artistic and business sides of fashion intimately. When developing VueModel, our On-Model Product Imagery solution, we prioritized preserving the essence of fashion while enhancing its capabilities. We view collaboration as a fundamental aspect of our product development, aiming to work with the industry rather than against it.

VueModel’s Ethical Stance:

One of VueModel’s key innovations is its use of real model images in conjunction with AI to produce on-model fashion photos. This approach aligns seamlessly with the industry’s existing practices. Brands carefully select models to convey their identity and message, and VueModel leverages this same process within the AI space to ensure the highest quality results.

Being Human-Centric:

At its core, on-model imagery is all about being human-centric. People want to see how clothes look on individuals like themselves, not in a sterile environment. VueModel recognizes this fundamental human desire for relatability and self-expression through fashion. VueModel’s goal is to provide authentic, relatable representations of people wearing these products, all while respecting diversity and inclusion.

The Importance of Real Models:

VueModel’s unique approach involves combining real model and product images with AI to create on-model fashion photos. This approach aligns seamlessly with the fashion industry’s existing practices. Brands meticulously select models that represent their identity and values. By incorporating real model images into our AI-powered solution, leverages the unique qualities of each model, resulting in exceptionally high-quality images.

Empowering Models and Ensuring Fair Compensation:

While VueModel leverages AI and real model images to create visually appealing  on-model fashion photos, it’s important to note that this technology doesn’t just give brands a powerful tool for visual storytelling; it also allows models to be active participants in the process, including licensing and compensation.

In an industry where models have historically been underpaid and underrepresented, VueModel creates an opportunity for models to not only contribute their unique qualities to fashion photography but also receive fair compensation for their work. Brands can meticulously cast models who resonate with their identity and values, ensuring a win-win situation where both the brands and the models benefit. This approach represents a positive shift in the fashion industry, aligning with the growing emphasis on fairness, diversity, and inclusion. As we navigate the ethical implications of AI, serves as a promising example of how technology can enhance the fashion industry, allowing everyone involved to reap the rewards of their contributions.

As the world continues to grapple with the ethical implications of AI, offers a promising example of how technology can be harnessed to enhance, rather than compromise, the human experience in the world of fashion.


Krithika Anand

Senior Marketer

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