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Try Before You Buy: 5 Things We Learnt that Revolutionizes the Way You Shop8 min read

July 24, 2023   |   6 min read

Try Before You Buy: 5 Things We Learnt that Revolutionizes the Way You Shop8 min read

Reading Time: 6 minutes

“There is a massive opportunity for retailers to drop legacy practices and invest in new AI-driven technology that’s sure to change the game. With digitized models and virtual dressing room, we enable retailers to go-to market faster than they ever have, increase average order values and tackle one of fashion’s biggest problems, returns. If there was ever a time to experiment with technology like this, it’s now.” 

Ashwini Asokan, Founder & CEO of

Let’s be honest. Not everyone can have “a pretty normal life” like the one shown in teen classic masterpiece, Clueless. With a sprawling mansion, marble statues by the pool on the right side of Beverly Hills, Cher has her own personal application that lets you try on clothes virtually before you get yourself ready to face the day in a jaw-dropping outfit!

However, for the rest of the mortal world, we have something in store! There are pretty good chances that you can get your hands onto something very similar!

While the world is slowly getting onto the uptake of virtual try-ons,’s Dressing Room has been in the market for a couple of years now and we’ve got some insights to share!

With’s Virtual Dressing Room serving as one of our most coveted tools, we’ve picked up a thing or two on what exactly shoppers are looking for.

Long gone are the days when dressing oneself in something new needed a trip to the mall, staring at the mannequins dressed in the latest fashion, and waiting in the endless queues to try out a piece of clothing. Not to leave out the fact any brick-and-mortar stores can only hold so many pieces at a given point of time.

But two years into the field, we’ve discovered that the downside to that is, no matter how hard we wrack our heads to picture ourselves in a particularly tempting outfit, it either gives us images of us being ready to walk the runway the next minute or a hilarious concoction that serves as a test in humility.

So, what is the Virtual Dressing Room tool and why is it gonna be your favorite thing ever?

Picture this. Your shopper sees something that feels like it’s designed for them. A picture that is plucked right out of their Pinterest mood board or a late-night fashion designing spree.

But the displayed picture doesn’t allow them to fully imagine them wearing it.

What we learnt helps is to provide a means for the shopper to get a better view of the product by allowing them to dress up a model that closely resembles themselves. 

We saw that by allowing the shopper to select the model from a plethora of diverse ethnicities and sizes choices, the shopper can envision the whole outlook much faster and more efficiently.

This gave us the space to create a more holistic shopping experience. Or more accurately, create a gamified-shopping experience that, well, c’mon, is the best way there is to shop!

1. Expanding on the Gamified Shopping Experience

It is virtually playing Dress the Model! With over a hundred and fifty models for the shopper to access, we updated our tool in such a way that the shopper can try millions of permutations and combinations of outfit, mixing and matching, testing the waters to find what they like. 

Why did we gamify it? 

The simple answer is that we wanted the customer experience to be enhanced.  By allowing for extended interaction between the shopper and the webpage, we create an experience that makes shopping more fun.’s tool also allowed the shoppers to increase their sense of connection to the brand, allowing them to engage more with the brand’s products.

2. Quality ‘n’ Styling

Letting shoppers indulge in their creativity, nudging them towards pushing the boundaries of their style choice,’s Dressing Room tool understands that the end-goal is to keep the shopper exploring more products. 

We added features that enable clothing options for both men and women to be styled up to three layers. 

The shopping experience follows the sequence of the shopper liking a jacket, then wishing that it could be paired with this other t-shirt they saw, and while they’re at it, they might wanna throw in a pair of flared jeans to get the feel of the look!

We don’t stop at one, and neither does your shopper!

There’s no need to limit your curiosity and creativity to a mere 2 articles or less choice offered in the market. 

Additionally, it also allows for an exclusive tuck in and tuck out option, further enhancing the nuances of needs they cater to. So if your shopper wants to know what pairing a t-shirt with formal trousers versus shorts looks like when tucked, or not, all they gotta do is tap a couple of buttons and we’ll get the images right on track! 

Styling is such a versatile concept with varied intricacies to it, and is always on the lookout for new features that we could add-on to make the shopping experience the best your shopper could get!

Also, did we mention that our AI offers images that are photo-realistic, essentially elevating the whole experience to an eleven? Compared to the other newer tools in the market, has established itself as a pioneer in the space and is now on its way to expanding further and farther.

3. Brand Language

Every brand has its own voice. Its tone decided by the colors they favor, their rhythm in the pulse of their background and light settings, the beat in their fan-favorite models. The visual language and aesthetic they portray based on the models they use. 

This is something that is essential to each brand. The one-size fits all way of using google’s new VTO tool on their own platform takes away the brand’s voice.

On the other hand,’s Dressing Room tool creates a symphony that is going to have the apparel represented by the models that only your brand works with. We can integrate our tool into your existing bank of model inventory or help you achieve your aesthetic using models in our library, allowing for a consistent brand voice throughout the site. also holds the ability to modify the image created in terms of background and lighting fixtures.

4. Your Webpage; Your Rules

When your shopper is on your webpage, there are certain elements that make your webpage iconic. And we saw that instead of having this tool as a separate entity, it is better for everyone involved to make it act as an extension of the webpage by itself.

We make the tool mold itself to the brand’s language. 

Your carefully curated website aesthetic can be used to customize the user interface of the Virtual Dressing Room tool as well. You can add in splashes of your brand color, decide where to deploy the widget and precisely how you would like it to look. This is a highly regarded feature of’s tool.

By deploying the tool on your very own webpage, it allows for improved customer engagement and time spent on the website.

5. Personalized Dressing Room

The more the shoppers used our tool, the more we learnt what would make the experience much more personal. 

With personalization becoming commonplace, and customers expecting their tastes to be reckoned and utilized to provide similar apparel, it was a no-brainer to integrate personalized product suggestions in the Dressing Room tool as well. By observing the shopper’s behavior on the site and identifying their intent and preferences, the tool is designed to pull up relevant products on the Virtual Dressing Room tool. 

We also observed that when seeing products aligned to their preferences on models that are similar to them, the shopper’s intent to buy increased, alongside the conversion rates on the site. 


The Virtual Dressing Room tool offered by serves as something we created and are still in the process of constantly evolving to revolutionize the way people shop for clothes. Gone are the days of visiting physical stores and relying on in-store dressing rooms to see how the outfit would look and fit. 

We want the Virtual Dressing Room tool to allow the shoppers to have a more immersive shopping experience on the ecommerce site. 

With the shopper’s desires perpetually on the move,’s Dressing Room tool has evolved and improved based on the customer feedback and insights.

If’s Virtual Dressing Room product is something that intrigues you and you are interested in knowing how it can benefit your ecommerce business, sign up here

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