The Vue Podcast: Leaders In Retail | Karen Bruck

Our episode six of The Vue Podcast features the wonderful Karen Bruck, the Senior Director, Hispanic South America Markets at one of South America’s largest marketplaces, Mercado Libre. With a star studded resume, an MBA from MIT and several years of experience in retail market, she’s seen the radical growth of a company that’s competing with the Alibaba’s, the Amazons and the Walmarts up close. Today, we talk to her about her long journey at Mercado Libre, the company’s grand vision for 2019 and why China’s digital landscape is a huge benchmark for the growth of their business. Karen is responsible for the Mercado Libre operations of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. A large part of her role as senior director is to ensure that the strategy and the business as well as the product development for each country is executed seamlessly. Listen to the full conversation here!

Our podcast features the true champions of retail – We’re interviewing CEOs, CTOs, Investors, heads of product, heads of innovation, merchandisers, buyers and all the other people that are shaping up this billion dollar industry.The conversations highlight the state of the retail industry today, the potential for personalisation on scale, AI’s role in the future of retail, deep-rooted process and operational inefficiencies within companies and how AI can change the way brands operate. We’re featuring some amazing change makers from Nasty Gal, USPL, Tata Cliq, Zilingo and Promoda in this series. Join us to understand how these decision makers are influencing worldwide fashion retail!

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