Personalization Glossary

A/B testing? Recommendation models? The personalization engine space uses several acronyms that may seem daunting, so we're here to help. You can find definitions to the most common e-commerce customer experience optimization terms here!

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Call To Action (CTA)

Typically, a “call to action” or “CTA” is a clickable item on a web page, which directs visitors down a conversion path. A call to action (CTA) is a marketing term that refers to the next step a marketer wants its audience or reader to take. Most CTAs are links, images, banners and/or other graphical elements that users opt to click to either learn more information or proceed with a purchase. 

CTAs are typically a button with text, which redirects visitors to specific links or even be in the form of an image that grabs attention. 

A Call to Action is literally just that – it’s a very strong task speaking to the site visitor to get them to perform an action with the aim of moving them to micro or macro conversion. 

Calls to action can be as direct, such as a button that says “Try now,” or a  CTA such as “Read More.”

The CTAs are crucial in the digital marketing for retailers, as they look to convey the company’s important content-rich pages, to where it is most relevant for the customer to engage and eventually lead them to the end of the funnel initiated by the site to convert them from leads to customers.

The most successful Internet marketers customize and optimize their CTAs to their users and continually test their effectiveness.  CTA represents a prime opportunity for A/B testing, which tests the effectiveness of marketing methods.

A/B testing or multivariate testing is conducted to ensure the most successful variations of your CTAs are displayed to your visitors.

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