Personalization Glossary

A/B testing? Recommendation models? The personalization engine space uses several acronyms that may seem daunting, so we're here to help. You can find definitions to the most common e-commerce customer experience optimization terms here!

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Attribution Duration

There is never just one ad or one single CTA that’s entirely responsible for converting customers. In practice, the customer journey towards conversion is pretty complex – involving organic and paid search, retargeting ads, social media or email outreach. 

In such a scenario, attribution becomes a challenge and identifying a set of user actions or events that led to the desired outcome becomes imperative. 

In A/B testing and optimization, conversion attribution refers to the best performing variation of an experiment based on the primary objective being measured. Attribution Duration is the time period needed to elapse between the user event of meeting the primary objective and conversion, in order to attribute conversion to the specific variation.

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