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Go Live Manual

No Code Integration Mode#

In this mode of integration, going live is a click of a button.

  • Go to the Experiment tab, choose an audience and associate a journey. If you wish to go live for your entire user base, choose All Visitors.

  • Set traffic percent to 100% and Publish.

Now your website is live with our powerful recommendations!


If you want to perform AB Test, check AB Testing section.

API only & Mixed Mode#

This also involves the same set of steps as mentioned in above mode. Additionally, ensure you deploy your code (where you have integrated with our APIs and have taken care of rendering) to production too.

Checklist to see if you are ready to go-live#

  • Your latest content has been shared and set up to sync with us at regular intervals.
  • For No code and Mixed mode of integration, embed code has been placed in all your pages.
  • Events integration is done and verified that all recommended events are being tracked either in your staging or production environment.
  • All user Journeys, planned to be taken live, are configured in the tool.
  • For No code mode of integration - check live previews and ensure the modules, placements and templates look and feel are what you expect it to be.
  • For API mode & mixed mode of integration - check if the modules are rendered by you in your staging site, like how you prefer.
  • Check if the above holds good for all platforms like website, mobile, Android App and iOS App, as applicable.