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Journey Manager is the section of VueX that allows you to create, edit, test, publish and measure the user journeys that span across multiple touch points - both onsite / in-app and off-site.

Customer Journey Management OverviewCustomer Journey Management Overview

The Journey starts with a Customer. VueX creates a unique customer profile for every single customer that allows for super-granular 1:1 personalization at scale. This customer profile is created using the customers' interactions on the website / app, and the result is a personalized omni-channel user journey.

While VueX allows for 1:1 personalization, oftentimes, there is a need for a segmentation approach, which can be used in anything from running targeted campaigns to testing hypotheses using A/B tests. For this purpose, VueX also has the ability to create audience segments through the Audience Builder feature.

Customer Journey Management Flow

To get started with building a journey, there are a few elements of the journey that need to be set up. These elements are designed to be re-usable components that can be combined to create different journeys.

Based on the integration mode chosen, some of these configurations can be skipped. Please refer respective section to get further details.