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Audience refers to the different categories of visitors to your website. All Visitors includes all users in a website without any division. You can view these preset audiences in the VueX app, get an insight into their individual metrics and tailor journeys to suit them.

Preset lists of audiences have been configured based on specific behavioral criteria of the customers. Some examples are: New Visitors, Cart Abandoners, Repeat Buyers etc. Based on user's actions & behavior on the site, they are assigned to one or more of these audiences. Audiences are recomputed once a day. Complete list of preset segments are available in the Audiences tab of the tool in your login.

We provide options via tool:

To view Preset Audiences:

View preset audience categories, monitor audience performance metrics and check overlap information.

To target journeys & A/B tests for audiences:

Tailor Journeys and go live for specific audiences. Setup AB Tests targetting audiences.

To create your own custom segments, by uploading user IDs:

Upload user IDs available in your system and create custom segments , which you can use to target specific journeys to.

To download user IDs for preset audiences:

Download user IDs for preset audiences, which you can in turn use for your in-house analysis & targeted marketing through other channels.

Click here to understand more about user IDs.

Access to Hashed User IDs#

In VueX, we always persist PII information in obfuscated format as per our GDPR guidelines. For this reason, the user IDs read from the website, if they are PII, are hashed and saved in our internal systems. If you are using Integration mode: No Code or Integration mode: Mixed, you can use the following method available in embed code to fetch the hashed ID for the users & persist it in your system . You can then use this to create custom segments and also identify users assigned to preset segments.


If the user ID is null/undefined/empty string the function will return null.