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Getting your VueX Account

A VueX account will be set up by our team. Using this account, you will have access to all of VueX's features such as Journey Manager and Audiences.


VueX tool is a product designed for desktop and hence we recommend logging in on desktop on Chrome (or Edge) for best experience.

We would need the following from you in order to get your account ready & pre-configured:

  • Host URL(s) from where you will be consuming our APIs/using our Javascript
  • If integration mode is No Code, we require unique identifiers for page types, user IDs, product IDs etc, either on the URL or on the DOM
  • If your site has multiple regions, identifiers for region or locale code would be required as well.

Values for identifiers like product ID, region code and any other such identifiers that you have on your website must be the same as those sent in the catalog for the personalization to work seamlessly, and for the reporting to be accurate.

We typically do a site analysis, post which, if required, during the onboarding phase, the Onboarding Manager will reach out to you for your assistance in making available identifiers that are not present or readily accessible.

Also, as a part of the setup process, your account will come pre-configured with multiple touch points (pages, emails etc.) available on your desktop and mobile website, for you to create experiences.