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Modules are the widgets that represent a combination of one or more strategy(content) together with an optional template.

We provide two kinds of modules:

  • One or more strategies with template combo, which are used as widgets in case of No Code Integration.
  • One or more strategies to be accessed via API calls. As the rendering is not done through our script, this doesn't include template configuration.

There is a module builder that also helps you to assemble strategies or products from your catalog and assign it to specific slots on the product cards in the template.

With this module builder you can:

  • Mix and match strategies to fill slots in the modules.
  • Choose static products to always appear on a particular slot in the module.
  • Setup default strategies as fallback, in case a strategy doesn't return enough results due to results getting filtered out.
  • Setup auto bundling strategy for carousel with tabs, where the algorithm decides how many tabs to display and which bundle theme to display on each tab.

Example of some Modules that can be assembled:

Carousel with tabs, with a similarity strategy in a tab and recently viewed in another.


Simple carousel with similar products for first 2 slots and trending in next 2 slots.


Grid template with trending products