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Getting Started

This is a quick guide to getting started with VueX -'s personalization platform. VueX provides an easy-to-use interface, that allows you to upload catalogs, set up recommendations, create journeys and test them. VueX also has a full featured dashboard that displays metrics from an overall level to the most granular module-level to understand the impact of our recommendations.

Getting Setup with VueX#

Integration Modes#

Below are the possible modes of integration:

No CodePlacing a single line of javascript on all relevant pages. Beyond this, everything can be controlled through the VueX application end-to-end.For those who want a no-fuss integration process and who want to get started lightning quick. Everything from collecting user events to rendering the recommendations is taken care of by the javascript itself.Desktop, Mobile Web
APIA full-fledged set of REST APIs that allows you to integrate the recommendations and events tracking across all platforms.Ideal for those who have strong tech teams and would like to have complete control over how the personalization services are used. In addition to the final recommendation APIs, there are also APIs that need to be integrated to capture and transmit user events.Desktop, Mobile Web, Native apps
Mixed ModeA combination of Javascript and APIs.Typically used when you want to have absolute control over rendering the recommendations, and on how the APIs are consumed (server-side vs front-end). This mode still gives the convenience of user events tracking being automatically done through the Javascript. Some events related to VueX modules will require integration with Javascript callback functions.Desktop, Mobile Web