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VueX offers a range of metrics to track and measure the performance of your customer journeys. Our intuitive analytics dashboard provides you with a high-level overview of your website performance and the impact of VueX’s personalization campaigns. VueX uses trend charts to display trends in various metrics over time. You can view the trends of different metrics over the day, week, and month. You can visualize data and performance across all customer journeys and identify the best-suited optimized journey for your customers.

The dashboard provides valuable insights and key metrics on the performance of your customer journeys filtered by audience/segments, date and channel.

We provide access to following metrics via our dashboard:

Summary Metrics#

Summary metrics provide high-level information on the overall performance of customer journeys. It provides a broad overview of the journeys' traffic, product views, purchases, revenue and so on.

Metrics that are displayed by default are: Unique Visitors, Visits, Product Views, Products Purchased, Revenue, Average Revenue Per User while you can choose more from an exhaustive list of metrics and view using a manage option on the dashboard.

VueX's Impact Metrics#

To understand the impact of on your eCommerce business, we provide a host of impact metrics. These metrics help you gain valuable insights on the incremental revenue and improved user engagement that is driving for your website. You can view key metrics such as direct revenue, assisted revenue, total clicks on recommendations and so on. Additionally, you can gauge how clicking on a recommendation can impact revenue per visitor and conversion rate.

This section highlights the uplifts & incremental revenue metrics collected from experiments run against No-Treatment journey. In the absence of this experiment, this section will display metrics pertaining to engagement & attribution through

Performance Metrics#

Performance metrics enables you to view the performance of your customer journeys at different levels of granularity namely journeys, experiences, modules, and strategies.