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Search & Listing


Customers landing on your website or app, many a time start their journey with a keyword/phrase search and consider this very convenient, rather than having to navigate through the categories. They also are more likely to purchase, compared to those who use standard navigation, as they are shopping with intent. Therefore, it's even more important that the search experience provided to these users is engaging and satisfying.

In VueX, we offer search as a strategy, powered by our robust search engines, with options to configure and tweak the levers to suit your own business use case, thereby providing a meaningful and engaging digital search experience to your customers.

Personalized Listing Pages#

The search strategy can also be configured to power personalized product listing pages, sorting products based on relevance to the customer's preferences. This way the customers engage with the products better, which in turn helps to improve conversion.

Supported Features#

VueX's Search & Listing has many built in features supported that can be easily configured to work for you:


Faceting is a way of classifying/organizing content in a systematic order. Facets corresponds to properties of records/elements in the content. VueX search provides out-of-the box faceting and also the ability to configure the fields to be faceted based on business use case via the Content Manager. This primarily helps users to narrow down and refine results.


Our search engines provide out-of-the box sort options as well as custom options, which can be configured through our Content Manager feature. We currently support sort by relevance, price and other key fields in your catalog.


Our search engines are enabled with auto suggestion or predictive search capabilities which captures user's intent and enables better user retention and conversion.


Our search engines are capable of correcting the search text by subjecting them to internal data validation and applying search on the corrected text.

Search & Sort by Relevance#

Relevant/Personalized search & sorting primarily interlinks detailed product data with deep knowledge of the customer's style preferences, occasion and previous purchase patterns, thereby enabling customers to find products they like the best in a single click.

Geospatial Search#

With Geospatial search, we can suggest results, filtered and sorted based on geographical location and radius from where the query originates.