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VueMail helps you engage with customers outside the website journey by delivering product recommendations to their Inbox. By unifying the 360-degree shopper profiles of every shopper with detailed product data, our A.I. delivers relevant and personalized content to shoppers on their mails. These recommendations are generated at the point of the mail being open to ensure:

  • All products are in stock for the shopper to purchase
  • The recommendations match even the shopper's last interaction on the site - in the case they are browsing before checking their mail.

Improving customer engagement through VueMail is a simple two-step process:

  • Identify the strategy and provide recommendations to engage the user better,
  • Customize the look and feel of the results in the customer's Inbox.

Customize Look and Feel#

Control and configure how you want to style your image in the template along with the ability to configure what metadata the users should engage with. Preview and test your changes instantly in the tool.

Strategy Selection#

You can recommend products using any of the strategies that VueX generally supports on your website. The strategies can be personalized as well as controlled through the various business rules and boost parameters you set in the tool.

Integrating with Email Service Providers#

Once you decide on the strategy for the recommendation and configure and customize the look and feel, you can retrieve the code that you would use to integrate with the email service providers where you run your email campaigns. While we provide code compatibility for a certain number of email service providers we also allow you to add more to the list.

Measuring Engagement#

While you manage your customer engagement through VueMail, we also provide you with information on the impact of this engagement to your customer and to your business. We provide information on how much of user engagement has improved because of the VueMail module. This is achieved using the email opens as well as click to open rate metrics assessed for the VueMail module in.