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3 Ways AI Can Drive Content Intelligence For Entertainment Platforms2 min read

January 9, 2024   |   2 min read

3 Ways AI Can Drive Content Intelligence For Entertainment Platforms2 min read

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Content and entertainment platforms can greatly benefit from the capabilities of AI Given the stark competition today, AI can give content platforms the edge that they need to delight and engage users. Apart from this, it can also play a crucial role in retaining users on their platform in the long run.

Here are the most impactful ways in which AI can add value to entertainment & content platforms:

Engaging Feed & Content Personalization

74% of marketers report an increase in customer engagement due to targeted personalization. By investing in AI-powered personalization, content platforms can better understand user preferences. They can dive deep into user preferences with respect to the content that they are consuming at an individual level. Then they can use these insights to display the most relevant recommendations, tailored to each user’s preferences and interests. Understanding user preferences also allows content platforms to showcase new content to the right audience cohort based on their preferences.

AI-Powered Personalization for entertainment

Powerful Predictive Analytics

In order to provide users with a memorable experience, content platforms must ensure that their content matches up with what their user base is searching for. By investing in AI, content platforms can take advantage of powerful predictive analytics that can provide insights on the gaps with respect to content that users are searching for and the content that exists on the platform. This can in turn inform the platform as well as its content creators on the kind of content that needs to be produced for its audience.

Showcase Topical & Trending Content

Content platforms can drive greater engagement by showcasing trending content based on a population’s preferences. With AI, this population can be tweaked to suit the user, thereby making even the ‘trending’ content, personalized! With AI, content platforms can display trending content based on specific population’s preferences (for example, videos or written content trending in a particular geography) to be shown to users who are a part of that cohort, thereby ensuring that the content that they see is always relevant. 

Content platforms – from media houses to live-streaming and video sharing apps – must invest in AI to supercharge their platforms with excitement that will keep audiences hooked and enable them to focus on what really matters: user delight.

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