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Decoding Coach’s Approach to Visual Merchandising5 min read

February 11, 2024   |   4 min read

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Decoding Coach’s Approach to Visual Merchandising5 min read

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In a realm of fashion, where trends come and go, there is a brand that has had this art mastered across its borders — Coach. The year 2023 has been taken over by them with net sales of a whopping $5 billion.

A whirlpool has been caused in the market by their latest releases of City tote in signature canvas, Mollie bucket bag, Teri shoulder bag with signature quilting, and many more masterpieces. 

Here are a few of Coach’s business strategies:

Mastery of Glocalization:

The distinct tastes and lifestyles of each locale are catered to by Coach as it trailers its offerings from the bustling streets of New York to the serene landscapes of Tokyo, whether it’s a pop-up store in the heart of Milan or an exclusive collection inspired by vibrant Korean culture. Glocalization has taken center stage, and every design is accommodated to the diverse tastes and cultures that shape our world.

The COACH Tabby shop- Japan
Coach store with cherry blossoms that represents Japanese Culture

The seamless blend of global vision with local adaptation, known as glocalization, is considered by Coach to be the secret to winning the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. It is understood by the brand that fashion is deeply influenced by cultural nuances and regional preferences.

“The look and feel were very consistent, but the adaptation to the country was incredibly impactful.”

Giovanni Zaccariello

Through glocalization, it is ensured by Coach that its success is not confined by borders but is reached in every corner of the world, stitching together a tapestry of diversity, inclusion, and unparalleled style.

Consumer-centric approach:

But how could control be exercised over such a huge consumer base? One might wonder. The answer to the question has been found by Coach. The brand’s commitment to its consumer-centric philosophy is echoed by Giovanni Zaccariello, Senior Vice President of Global Visual Experience at Coach. 

“The consumer is the king because again, it’s not just about them really just shopping with us. It’s about them spending time with us”

Giovanni Zaccariello
Coach forever pop-up
Coach Forever’s pop-ups

The needs, preferences, and dreams of those who make their way into Coachtopia are constantly sought to be understood. Before expressive luxury positioning is introduced, consumers are engaged with Coach, creating a journey that transcends the ordinary and ventures into the extraordinary.

Phygital approach:

Whether it’s the touch of a luxurious bag, the visual feast of a digital storefront, or the melodic tunes that accompany an online campaign—how could it all be done? The alchemy of physical and digital has evoked a new wave of Phygital.

 A way through the physical convention and into the digital world has been found by Coach through its use of Augmented Reality mirrors and storefront tech, as exemplified in the SoHo store in New York. A method of testing and learning in the realm of technology has been adapted to create an immersive experience.

Coach’s Augmented Reality mirrors -Technology
Coach’s Augmented Reality mirrors

Sustainability and Coachtopia:

Every step into something good has an adverse effect elsewhere. The path of sustainability and human responsibility towards the Earth is attempted by Coach.

“We’re basically looking at scrap. So, we’re making things from things that are not going to be used”

Giovanni explains through his words how sustainability is adapted at Coach.

The brand’s commitment to reducing environmental impact and fostering eco-conscious choices reflects its values that extend beyond fashion into the realm of responsible consumerism.

Immersive store experiences:

Shoppers are immersed in every possible way – eye-catching designs, pleasant-to-touch masterpieces, and experiences engraved in memory

Immersive experience at Coach
Eye-catching masterpieces at Coach

Coach’s approach goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating visuals that catch the eye and tell a story, forming a visual tapestry that speaks directly to the souls of those who step into the store. This reflects the brand’s understanding that physical contact can be— A force that lingers long after the visit to the store.

Coach’s strategies of visual merchandising focus on all aspects — attract customers with unique ideas, retain them by focusing on the interests of local culture, understanding consumers across ages and provide an experience to remember. This innovative approach is what sets Coach apart, shaping a narrative that extends beyond borders. 

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