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Changing Rooms in Concept Spaces1 min read

August 4, 2016   |   < 1 min read
Changing Rooms

Changing Rooms in Concept Spaces1 min read

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Know what changing rooms in concept stores need?

More fun. There, I said it.

A changing room is personal. It’s small, it’s private. It’s got mirrors. And concept spaces are meant to be nonconformist and exploratory. It’s a potent combo because we get super experimental and weird when no one is looking. (Yes, like the time you practiced the Elvis Pelvis move locked in your bedroom.)

The Vue ladies are freshly enamored with Selfridges’ Theatre of Forces. That’s the poetic name bestowed on its new third floor Designer Studio which is set to open in October. Phrases like ‘unexpected brand adjacencies’ and ‘flexible future of fashion’  had us all nodding wisely too.

Then we heard about the changing rooms.

Oh my.

Apparently, they come with aerial-themed backdrops and selfie sticks. Holy mother of Kenzo. Because, be honest, have you never struggled to take mirror selfies in something that may look fabulous if you just weren’t clutching your phone and posing awkwardly?

We like the selfie sticks very much.

Now, how about changing the mood lighting? Or perhaps a Change Together concept, where you do a ‘one, two, three, show!’ with a true blue bestie in the next room? The possibilities of making it a wonderland of delights boggle the mind.

Like the BJØRK Florence concept store last year that said ‘We Sell Nice Things’ on its window, we feel the world needs a ‘This is a Fun Changing Room’ sign. Desperately.

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