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Back to School for the Nostalgic Adult1 min read

September 13, 2016   |   < 1 min read

Back to School for the Nostalgic Adult1 min read

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All of us have one in the closet. An item of clothing from younger years that we have delusions of fitting into one day. And most often it’s something that’s definitely not going to fit. Like a pair of jeans or a swimsuit. Back to school reminds the nostalgic adult of the child who’s (presumably) still inside.

But look at the bright side. Kids off to school (if you have them). Fashion weeks lined up. Fall collections hitting stores. Pretty trees everywhere. And a sepia-toned walk down the memory lane of first days, blank slates and youthful optimism.

Not for you the stress of academia and the stomach sinking feeling of awkward teenage socializing. No stressing about school supplies or homework. No need to visualize the professor who briefly made your life rather unpleasant.

No, fall is when you choose to turn a new page. When the wild abandon and craziness of summer fades out into a more subtle purpose. It’s long walks in the mild sun. It’s air that’s crisp and languid all at once, prompting you to go out. It’s the season when,

“…yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang
Upon those boughs which shake against the cold.”

So think of all the back to school gear you can still pull off in style. Like toting Chiara Ferragni’s backpack. Or sporting the Yeezy sneakers. Or if you just want something tiny to remind yourself that you are, in fact, an adult on one of Those Days, grab those awesome socks on top from Oakland-based People I’ve Loved. It will always fit.

Here’s to new beginnings.

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