Reduce E-Commerce Returns: An A.I. Powered Fix

Reduce E-Commerce Returns: An A.I. Powered Fix

Retailers are constantly looking at new ways to reduce e-commerce returns. Every guide, blog, book written on this talks about the importance of good product imagery. If the image depicts the product accurately, shoppers would know just what to expect. “It looked different in the photo” would not be the reason for return. Today, one of the top reasons for returns is that the product was not as described – or didn’t look like it did in the image.

But how does one ensure proper representation of products? For fashion, in particular, the answer lies in on-model product imagery. Showing apparel, bags, and accessories on models help reduce the product return rate.

In this piece, we will discuss how on-model product imagery helps reduce e-commerce returns – and how AI can help the process. First, let’s delve into how a high product return rate affects retailers.

The Need to Reduce E-Commerce Returns

The return problem is real – 89% of shoppers have returned an online purchase in the last three years, and 42% in the last six months. This issue – dealing with returns at this scale is something that has blown up with e-commerce taking off. Brick and mortar stores aren’t dealing with returns at the same rate. About 5-10% of in-store purchases are returned. But that rises to 15-40% for online purchases.

Reduce retail returns with on-model fashion imagery. AI can help lower fashion ecommerce product return rate at 1/4th the cost and 5X the speed.

The returns problem in retail is serious. Source: Shopify

Returns rank high in the concerns of online fashion retailers today. A high product return rate does not only mean revenue lost – but there is also a very serious logistical cost involved. Partnering with a service, transportation is all significant costs to the company. Plus, there is also the cost of poor shopper experience that has led to the return.

It is no wonder that a top priority for retail businesses today is to reduce e-commerce returns. This is where on-model product imagery can help.

On-model Product Imagery as the Solution

When a bag is shown by itself, shoppers have no idea how large or tiny it is – they do not know what it would look like when carried and how it will be in scale to their body. But when the same bag is shown on a model, they are instantly able to understand how big it is, what it looks like, how it is structured when held, and a lot more. They would not end up buying a tiny bag without intending to be a part of the trend.

Reduce retail returns with on-model fashion imagery. AI can help lower fashion ecommerce product return rate at 1/4th the cost and 5X the speed.

The ‘Tiny Bag’ trend has brought in a lot of awe and laughs – but shoppers should be able to choose to be a part of it! Image source:

This is what on-model product imagery can do. It helps shoppers understand the product better and make informed buying decisions.

The problem that arises, however, is that on-model fashion photography can be very expensive and slow. This is where the role of AI comes into play.

A.I. Imagery to Lower Product Return Rate’s on-model product imagery solution, VueModel, helps retailers build fashion imagery at one fourth the cost and five times the speed of traditional photography. If retailers send basic product images, VueModel can showcase them on models. Retailers also get to choose from models of different sizes, ethnicities, skin tones – and in different poses. The solution supports a whole range of fashion products including apparel, bags, and accessories.

Reduce retail returns with on-model fashion imagery. AI can help lower fashion ecommerce product return rate at 1/4th the cost and 5X the speed.

VueModel, using AI, generates on-model fashion imagery on models of different types.

Whether it is a basic bucket bag or an intricately designed earring, retailers will be able to show all products on models with ease. 

To learn more about VueModel and how it can help reduce e-commerce returns, click here.

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