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Why We’re Betting On Tommy Hilfiger To Steer The Circular Fashion Movement3 min read

September 11, 2020   |   3 min read
Why we’re betting on Tommy Hilfiger to steer the circular fashion movement

Why We’re Betting On Tommy Hilfiger To Steer The Circular Fashion Movement3 min read

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Tommy Hilfiger has recently pledged to change the way they design and source products and committed to going circular. Can they do this successfully? Absolutely. 

At the mention of Tommy Hilfiger, do you think of the athleisure, streetwear, high-waisted jeans and branded briefs of the 90s? So do we! Even today, their collaborations retain some of those strong ‘90s American preppy design elements that are very reminiscent of the ‘Tommy Girl’ aesthetic. After they established a strong foothold and created an indispensable space for themselves in the global market, they shifted their focus from design to innovation. Over the years, Tommy Hilfiger has grown into a premium and trusted brand that people can recognize from a mile away.  Their willingness to experiment and their growth mindset has helped them build this culture of innovation and sustainability

Here’s what Tommy Hilfiger has done in the last few years to create social impact:

2018: The Tommy Hilfiger Social Innovation Challenge

Two years ago, The Tommy Innovation Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands created a platform for businesses or individuals to submit proposals that had clear social impact – it could involve enhancing the lives of the people or communities within the fashion value chain, the second life of a garment, marketing or advertising in the industry, or other aspects of fashion. The brand gave out cash prices between €50,000 and €100,000 to three winners to support their ventures with a dedicated team of subject matter experts to provide direction on how to build these models. Omoyemi Akerele, one of Nigeria’s most popular designers (also a BoF500 honoree) was a finalist of this award.

Part of creating a culture of sustainability isn’t just about what the brand does in-house. It’s also about how consistent they are with creating platforms and spaces for co-collaborators to shift to more sustainable practices. It is no doubt that Tommy Hilfiger is invested in their mission to be more circular.


2019: The decision To Switch To 100% Digital Design

Last November, Tommy Hilfiger announced that they’d be implementing a completely digital design model. One that would meet consumer needs faster and in a more sustainable way. Daniel Grieder, CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe said, “The technology has become a fundamental tool in our collection design. It has the potential to significantly accelerate our speed to market and replace traditional product photography entirely. For our Fall 2020 season, our men’s dress shirts will be 100% 3D designed and require no sample production; the difference will be almost indistinguishable from styles designed and presented historically.”

2020: The Tommy Make It Possible Initiative

Tommy Hilfiger launched a circular fashion model called ‘Make it Possible’ to create fashion that ‘Wastes Nothing and Welcomes All’. The brand has promised that all packaging used across the business is fully recyclable by 2025. This move is a big one in a time where recycling continues to remain one of fashion’s biggest problems.

There are very few brands that have adopted circular values beyond the  “nice-to-have” phase. Tommy Hilfiger has adopted these as a core element of their business model. That’s why we’re betting on the brand to steer and inspire the fashion industry towards more sustainable practices. At Vue.ai, we’re of the opinion that the future of fashion can’t be anything but circular. Seeing brands step up to this challenge is the signal the retail industry needs at this time. While we’re doing our part to solve retail’s data problem, it’s the brands that can truly solve retail’s sustainability problem. 

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