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What Ginger Threads Can Teach Us About Circular Fashion2 min read

September 16, 2020   |   2 min read
The 3 fashion lessons that retailers can learn from Ginger Threads around sustainability and circular fashion

What Ginger Threads Can Teach Us About Circular Fashion2 min read

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It’s circular fashion month here at Vue.ai! Quick recap: What is circular fashion? It’s a planet-friendly approach to sourcing and processing clothes. We’ve been following Ginger Threads’s journey with sustainability closely and have learned really informative lessons around their practices.

What is Ginger Threads?

Ginger Threads is an online and appointment-based women’s retail boutique store. They specialize in women’s clothing and accessories featuring a collection of items from around the world and they are located in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Their biggest goal is to create a platform for sustainable fashion that combines superior craftsmanship with modern sophistication. What’s not to love?

The 3 things we learned from Ginger Threads:

1. Fashion CAN be easy on the environment

Ginger Threads partners with retailers around the globe who are vocal about their sustainable practices including water and waste reduction, recycling techniques, and use of environmentally friendly products. These partnerships are important because circular fashion cannot happen in isolation. It’s a movement and one that requires players across the value chain to step up and be transparent about the creation, production and distribution of their products.

2. Fashion can create social impact

It’s not all business with Ginger Threads. With newly curated collections releasing every Wednesday, Ginger Threads commits to giving back a percentage of their sales to help stop human trafficking and to uplift survivors. The brand’s fair play efforts don’t stop with sourcing clothes & resources but they also partner with businesses who support unbiased pay, workers’ rights and high standards of craftsmanship. Fashion for a cause is an idea we can get behind!

3. Fashion can be easy on the pocket too

With the pandemic bringing so much uncertainty to people’s lives, not many have the luxury of shopping like they used to pre-COVID. Now is a great time to invest in vintage items – they’re one of a kind, they’re not mass produced so you’ll never have to go through the horror of five other people wearing the same thing, and more importantly, these items are far more affordable and you discover designer steals that you’d normally NEVER find in a regular showroom! 

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