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In the ever-evolving world of data, our challenges are as dynamic as the data itself. From untangling messy datasets to navigating the complexities of documents, stands at the forefront, dedicated to guiding you through the twists and turns of your digital transformation journey.

As enterprise data skyrockets at an unprecedented pace, businesses find themselves grappling not only with the sheer volume but also with the complexities of semi-structured & unstructured data within the documents. While solutions exist for digital document processing, the missing link lies in seamlessly integrating these with workflows. Many claim to offer OCR and RPA solutions, but what businesses truly need is a solution that stitches these technologies into seamless workflows, automating every aspect of their data puzzle.

Yet, amidst the daily data grind, the age-old struggle of manual data entry persists. The slow, error-prone process not only hampers efficiency but also adds layers of complexity, leading to higher costs and diminished productivity.’s teams have been diligently working to solve this exact problem. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest product,’s Intelligent Document Processing solution.’s IDP is a powerful and innovative solution that assists analysts, business users, and technical users in processing, extracting, and building seamless workflows for complex business processes. In this blog post, we’ll share all the details about our new product and explain why we believe it can make a significant difference for our customers.

Why Vue’s Intelligent Document Processing Works integrates the power of computer vision and NLP,  enabling  you to

  1. Process information from various data sources such as purchase orders, legal contracts, invoices, etc, and in any format including handwritten documents, and extend it to any use case. 
  1. Make IDP work for you, you can select from preset workflows or build your own custom workflow based on your needs. Our special federated models do the heavy lifting, helping you pick the right models depending on your business needs.
  1. Simplify workflow processes by training models for new workflows with minimal input using Vue ai’s Federated Model Engine. Now, even if you don’t have a mountain of data, you can still get your models up and running smoothly.
  1. Automation should make your life easier, not harder.’s Straight Through Processing saves you time by fully automating workflows, allowing you to set them up and let models run without constant supervision. But don’t worry, you still have the option to step in if needed with a human-in-the-loop setting.

Key Features of Vue’s IDP Suite:

Register New Document Types

Benefit: Tailor-made solutions for specific needs

When using Vue’s IDP solution for a new document type, you have two options: choose from preset categories of docs or create a custom type specifying details like its structure and key extraction fields. This customization is enabled by Vue’s federated engines and AI’s multi-format processing capability.

Create a new document type

Custom Workflow Building

Benefit: Total control over Document Processing

Put the extracted information into context with the Custom Workflow builder. Using intuitive drag and drop to configure business rules easily. E.g. for processing loans ensure that every applicant’s data is transformed exactly as needed, whether it’s verifying income or checking credit scores. Using STP once you’ve set up your loan processing workflow, it runs smoothly every time, ensuring faster decisions and happier customers.

Create custom workflow

Connectors Suite

Benefit: Seamless data integration across 200+ sources’s Connectors suite offers seamless integration with 200+ data sources. Easily set up connections and transfer data from platforms like Postgres, S3, and more. Plus, with Single Sign-On (SSO) support from Google and Okta, your data integration is comprehensive and secure.

Connector suite

Dataset Exploration and Visualization

Benefit: Transform raw data into actionable insights

Unlock valuable insights from your datasets effortlessly. Whether you upload them or they’re generated from workflows, you’ll find a wealth of information waiting for you. Imagine clicking on a dataset with 590,000 rows. Our tool allows you to easily create reports and visualizations to make sense of the data. Plus, our ‘profile’ feature enriches the dataset with metadata, providing even more context and understanding.

Data and Visualization

RBAC – Role-Based Access Control

Benefit: Better control over user permissions and data security

RBAC in’s IDP empowers you with Role Based Access Control, offering fine-tuned control over user permissions. Create user groups, assign edit permissions, and strategically restrict permissions based on roles. This feature ensures that users have access to the right information and functionalities, enhancing security, and streamlining collaboration within your document processing workflows.

What’s next

Stay tuned for what’s coming next. Our journey into innovation and efficiency doesn’t end here. Brace yourselves as we unveil upcoming features designed to elevate your experience with’s Intelligent Document Processing solution. The future holds exciting developments that will further streamline your workflows and redefine how you engage with your data. Join us as we explore the next frontier in document processing & workflow automation.

Interested in automating document processing for your business? Book a demo today to talk to our IDP experts. 

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