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OpenText and Vue.ai Partner to Revolutionize Digital Asset Management through AI-Powered Tagging for Product Media Assets3 min read

December 6, 2023   |   2 min read

OpenText and Vue.ai Partner to Revolutionize Digital Asset Management through AI-Powered Tagging for Product Media Assets3 min read

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In a move set to reshape the landscape of digital asset management, OpenText has formed a strategic partnership with Vue.ai. OpenText’s Digital Asset Management solutions combined with Vue.ai’s state-of-the-art AI capabilities brings forth a powerful toolset for enterprises seeking to elevate their digital asset strategies.

Through automated and accurate tagging, organizations can now derive greater value from their product media assets, unlocking new levels of efficiency and productivity in their workflows. What makes this partnership stand out are the features that businesses can leverage:

  1. Rapid Model Development Capabilities: Vue.ai stands out with an extensive library of pre-built models, catering to fundamental use cases such as product discovery. Its proprietary tool enables rapid model training, often within hours, allowing us to accommodate diverse business requirements for data.
  1. Precision and Adaptability: Vue.ai’s AI tagging solution harnesses the power of advanced machine learning algorithms, ensuring accurate tagging and data enrichment. The tool evolves dynamically through continuous learning from user feedback, allowing it to adapt to unique business needs and curate meticulously aligned product data.
  1. Empowering Informed Decisions: Enriched product data plays a pivotal role in aiding businesses to make well-informed strategic decisions in addition to improving productivity. Enriched tags, combined with data analytics, empowers organizations to derive actionable insights for building effective strategies. 
  1. Seamless Integration with SAP Commerce Cloud: OpenText’s collaboration with SAP Commerce Cloud allows AI-tagged media assets to effortlessly flow into SAP Commerce Cloud product sheets and ecommerce storefronts, enhancing customer experience and driving conversions.

Integrated seamlessly into OpenText, Vue.ai’s AI tagging solution effortlessly enriches product media assets by providing accurate and contextually relevant metadata, extracted from both structured and unstructured visual and textual inputs. This transcends conventional tagging, offering a deeper understanding of media, empowering informed decision-making, and elevating audience engagement to new heights. Currently, this partnership lends its flexible offerings to retailers in the fashion and apparel industry. The offerings will extend to other industries such as groceries, electronics, furniture and more in 2024.

“Vue.ai is thrilled to join forces with OpenText to redefine how businesses manage and leverage their product data,” said Vijay Sripathi, Vice President – Growth & Partnerships at Vue.ai. “As a company, we’re disrupting how retailers buy & use AI. Market solutions today are either singular tools for individuals or require large-scale systems integrators to implement and maintain. With Vue.ai, businesses get a 30-60-90 promise. 30 days to go live, 60 days to see value, and 90 days to scale across departments and functions.” he added.

As businesses navigate the evolving demands of the digital marketplace, the partnership between OpenText and Vue.ai paves the way for smarter, more efficient, and more precise data management, setting new standards for excellence in digital asset management. Combined with OpenText’s Information Management System, Vue.ai’s product tagging solution lends well to its custom needs with its flexible offerings. 



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