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How AI-Powered Image Moderation Can Enable Faster User Onboarding2 min read

October 3, 2023   |   2 min read
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How AI-Powered Image Moderation Can Enable Faster User Onboarding2 min read

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The Importance Of User Onboarding

Onboarding users quickly and effectively is critical. Especially for those businesses that are dependent on mobile apps. In fact, effective onboarding helps to not only get users to use the app effectively but also keeps them coming back.

Over 90% of customers think that businesses “could do better” when it comes to onboarding new customers.

More critically, 25% of users abandon an app after just one use. A number of services today require some kind of user verification. This could be for added security that safeguards user data and prevents fraud. And users want security. 55% of consumers are “very” or “extremely” willing to spend more time verifying their nonbank accounts to ensure security, according to PYMNTS. But security always comes at the cost of convenience. A friction-free experience could lead to serious security implications. However, adding too much friction impacts scale. 

So how can you optimize your user experience and unlock growth, without compromising user experience?

The answer lies in AI-Powered Image Moderation.’s AI-powered image moderation harnesses Computer Vision to detect specific attributes in images that can be used to check their quality and content. Businesses can verify customer IDs in real-time with AI-powered image Moderation with informed AI that can guarantee a friction-free experience for the end-user.

Impact of AI powered image moderation

Build Trust allows businesses to build customer trust and deliver a positive engagement experience. So, businesses can win new customers. All without compromising the safety of their ecosystems or the security of their customer data.

Improve Visibility

There are 2.9 million apps in the Google Play store and 4.3 million apps in Apple’s App Store as of 2021. Given the influx and the sheer number of apps, it’s vital that businesses focus on creating a smooth onboarding experience. This translates to happy new users.

Greater Retention

What’s more, retention rates have been seen to increase by up to 50% with effective app onboarding. This leads to more organic app downloads from recommendations. And consequently results in higher app store rankings & overall visibility.

User onboarding is the bridge where casual onlookers are converted into loyal users.  Therefore, it is vital for businesses to invest in tech that can not only ensure a safe passage, but also a friction-free one. 

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