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AI Like Never Before – Vue 1.010 min read

August 4, 2022   |   7 min read
Shradha R

Associate Director | Head - Product Marketing

AI Like Never Before – Vue 1.010 min read

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Founder’s Note

Over the better part of the last decade, my team and I have worked with over 1000 enterprise-scale businesses who have shared insights on a lot of their digital goals with us. While everyone has had their ways of articulating these to us, the patterns across your takeaways have shown us how flawed most AI solutions in the market have been in these past 5 years.

We have a motto here at our company:

“Every AI solution is only as good as the measurable impacts it has on the businesses it works with”.

And the feedback we’ve received on our customer’s experiences with AI solutions in the market has been very much in line with this motto of ours.

Businesses want two things at the end of the day – to improve ways to grow their top line and find the right types of solutions to save costs and get more productive. In the coming months, we’ll be publishing all the data we’ve collected on everything we’ve heard over these 5 years.”

Most businesses either didn’t know where to start or had not seen any ROI for what they had tried so far. So many of our early-stage sales conversations revolve around talking about how and where AI should be deployed to best give results rather than selling any of our products at all.

We brought a structured, logic-led, and bottom-up approach to AI and it’s been a rewarding journey since. A culmination of all that we learned is what has resulted in this first version of what we are launching as the Vue version 1.0  today. Our roadmap already comprehends 10.0 but the first step is a leap and I’m proud to share this with you.

With Vue 1.0, we’re helping businesses fix their data first. Fixing the foundation of every digital business that works with us today is our first goal with this launch. From there, we’re helping them create high-quality experiences with that data, allowing this data to actively move and interact with data from all the digital channels, following the user across their journeys without any interruption over time.

For the first time in the industry – we’re unifying data enrichment, clean up and the customer experience suite into one interface allowing product and technical teams to work together and to have a single view into the entire end-to-end process.

With a content hub, customer experience hub, and an audience targeting hub, we’re enabling teams to go step by step from clean data to power-packed performance.  

The impact? – A unified view into the entire content and catalog data your business has improved search results, better SEO performance, meaningful recommendations, an increase in engagement, conversion, frequency, and a customer experience that shows each and every one of your millions of customers that you understand who they are, why they’re with you and what they’re interested in, in the highest resolution you’ve ever been able to till now. We’re very excited to be able to build this roadmap and create a new decade of impact-driven AI for our customers.

– Ashwini Asokan, Founder & CEO, Vue

Poor Data = A Shaky Foundation For Digital Experiences

There are always newer and better ways of improving digital experiences for customers. There is never a dearth of complex new technologies, creative strategies, or fresh ideas for personalizing and optimizing experiences online. But the one reason that many of these don’t give the returns expected of them is poor data.

Most organizations estimate that they lose about $14.2 million dollars annually because of poor data

And the reasoning seems straightforward enough – the business’ data forms the base of any strategy they deploy on top of it. Customer experiences and personalization can work well only if the business is thoroughly aware of its content, product, service, and customer data to be able to map them to each other. 

However, data is also often a very overwhelming problem for organizations to fix. Most enterprise companies deal with massive amounts of data and ensuring all of it is accurate, rich, and standardized will take up a lot of manpower and time. Hence, the approach often ends up trying to solve other parts of business strategy and digital experiences in the hope that they will make up for the ugly data.

Vue Fixes Business Data For Better Customer Experiences

For years, at Vue, we worked with enterprise businesses across the globe to help improve online experiences. As we realized that the biggest gap is poor data, we built robust systems that can enrich, standardize, and fix any type of data across industries. For the most part, we would process and fix businesses’ product and customer data through our system and work with them on building customer experiences on top of that. Over the better part of the last decade, we also exposed the system in different parts for business users to work on their data or build experiences optimized for their website.

Now, for the first time ever, we are releasing all parts of our AI system unified into a single interface. With Vue, enterprises can fix their data, build 1:1 user profiles, create digital experiences that shine, and get insights like never before. It is AI like never before.

This easily scaled, no-code product ensures that poor experiences because of poor data will be a thing of the past. Any business user, even with no technical knowledge, can use the product to clean up their data and build immaculate experiences on top of that.

The Vue Hubs :

The Vue product, at a high level, allows users to do two things:

  1. Fix business data – through the Content Hub
  2. Build immersive online experiences – through the Audience Hub and Digital Experience Management (DXM) Hub

Content Hub

Content Hub

The Content Hub allows you to upload, configure, manage, and enrich catalogs & other data sources that you want to personalize for your users. You can:

  • Create a catalog with any data source and or regularly sync catalogs.
  • Extract and enrich data from images, videos, and text through NLP, image and video recognition, OCR, and text extraction
  • Organize this enriched data into a structured format
  • Use this data to train and build new models curated toward your business goals.

Audience Hub

Audience Hub

The Audience Hub allows you to curate different visitor data into audience segments and user profiles based on their behavior on the site. Each of these pre-defined audience segments can have different journeys and tailored experiences. You can

  • Create and view a custom audience or choose from the list of pre-set audience segments
  • A/B test with multiple audiences for different user experiences.
  • Monitor and track detailed audience performance and KPI metrics for each segment
  • Check the overlap of audience presets as well as the percentage of overlap between audience segments.
  • Import/export audience lists

The DXM Hub

The DXM Hub maps every individual’s preferences, affinities and intent with the right product data allowing you to create personalized user experiences for every user on the site. You can

  • Create and deploy various recommendations across a page.
  • A/B test between different content and its placement on the same page or across pages.
  • Segment and target any user or an audience group based on what works best for your business.
  • Manage how the recommendations are rendered on your website.
  • Choose from readily available templates or custom-create templates based on business goals.

Enterprises Get Value With Vue, Every Single Time

As we built the new, unified Vue product, we used our top learnings from the last decade as guiding principles. We wanted to ensure that every organization can:

  • Fix ugly data and build high-quality, clean, rich, standardized business data.
  • Use that high-quality data in their digital experiences.
  • Understand every user at a 1:1 level and build dynamically personalized journeys for them, ensuring they find just the right content every time.

These, paired with a dedicated customer success approach, ensure that every organization stitching Vue into their systems sees ROI right from the start.

Some impact numbers we’ve seen are:

  • ~25% of business revenue contributed by Vue
  • 20 – 30$ ROI for every 1$ spent on us
  • 75% Increased customer retention
  • 40 – 60% Lift in revenue per visit
  • 85% Reduced time in data organization processes

What makes Vue different?

  1. Someone (finally) cares enough to clean your data before pushing it across all your applications

    Vue is the only AI stack provider that will not only clean your data but also enrich it with more tags, organize it into usable taxonomy, and provide insights into your business, your products, your content and your customers – and this happens by default.
  2. Your one-stop shop for creating hyper-personalized experiences

    It doesn’t just stop with fixing your data – Vue already has everything you need to create immersive customer experiences – What’s better? You save a lot of time and effort. Vue comes with ready-to-serve APIs and tools that allow you to create personalized experiences for your customers across channels, marketing touchpoints, and the different platforms you use.
  3. The only product that is also a platform

    With Vue, Business and Tech teams can be on the same page and communicate in the same language.

    For example, imagine your product managers want to go live with tagging features for improving search – they can build their own tags in a few hours and push them to production. They can create 1:1 personalized widgets, emails, search or want to target audiences or run A/B tests – with our embed code integration, go-live can be less than 2 weeks with a wide range of controls to allow for customization.
    If your data science teams want to build models and their own taxonomy and organize data, we’ve got elaborate tools for them.

    You can now finally have teams talking to each other while working from the same set of tools with different controls for different teams.
  4. This is AI like never before.

    Vue comes with Image, Video, and Text Recognition algorithms, harnessing the best of Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and more, all in one place. And what’s better, again? They adapt and fire contextually, based on what the AI observes the users doing – therefore requiring no constant management and monitoring.
  5. RoI like never before

    We’ve been working with retailers, healthcare companies, insurance, pharma and so many more over the last 5+ years. And the #1 thing that we pride ourselves on, is the ability to create business impact with our AI. Vue delivers RoI precisely because it cares about multiple touchpoints across systems that impact your business, creating true value for your enterprise.

Get in touch with us here to learn how your business can grow with Vue.


Shradha R

Associate Director | Head - Product Marketing

Shradha works with product marketing at Vue.ai . She is usually reading, writing, or making elaborate mindmaps on whiteboards. She enjoys studying behavioural science theories and applying those to marketing activities.