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3 Reasons Retailers See ROI with’s Personalization Solution7 min read

January 5, 2023 5 min read

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3 Reasons Retailers See ROI with’s Personalization Solution7 min read

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Personalization has become a loosely thrown-around word today. Many solutions attempting to personalize shopper journeys don’t fix the foundation data first. On top of that, they segment the shoppers into buckets instead of personalizing for each. And with these, unsurprisingly, they see no ROI or impact on revenue. On the other hand, with’s personalization solution retailers have seen consistent results.

At, we take personalization seriously. And the impact is visible – retailers have seen over a 500% higher revenue per user after deploying the personalization solution.

Here’s what makes’s personalization solution consistently effective:

How's Personalization Suite Works
How’s Personalization Suite Works
  • Product Intelligence – Since personalization can only be as good as the data it is based on, we focus on fixing that first. Our A.I. systems enhance and enrich product data and map every attribute facet – creating the base to build nuanced shopper preference profiles.
  • 1:1 Personalization – Segmentation is not personalization. No two shoppers are the same and we understand that. creates unique profiles to understand every shopper’s preferences – and personalizes experiences based on that.
  • Dynamic Personalization – In addition to their preferences, session intent also guides shoppers’ eCommerce journeys. And catering to that intent is exactly what does with dynamic personalization – it understands shoppers’ intent with every click and adjusts personalization in real-time.

Let’s take a deeper look at these concepts.

Here’s a quick single-page view for you to learn more about’s personalization solution.

Product Intelligence and Personalization:

Personalization is only as good as the data it is based on. An efficient ai powered personalization solution should be built on a strong foundation – clean and rich data

And that is exactly how the personalization engine works.  As the first step, it processes the catalog and builds high-quality product data. Every product is analyzed and each attribute is mapped in great detail.

So when a shopper shows preferences towards a certain style, the engine knows exactly how to show more of that. No matter how niche it might be. Does the shopper like exactly two stripes flowing through the entire length of their hoodies’ sleeves? Got it. Is the shopper looking for shoes with pink metal eyelets and shoelaces? That is exactly what they will be recommended then.

Build Data Moats with
Build Data Moats with

This solves the biggest problem retailers face with personalization today – where they might know exactly what the shopper likes but may not have a way of surfacing those products. Because what good is it if you know your shopper prefers sneakers that have metal eyelets if the product data is not marked so? Solutions that don’t fix data first might end up recommending a lot of irrelevant products to the shopper – maybe all sneakers in black, or probably even any product in metallic shades.

A foundation of strong data helps craft experiences where shoppers find exactly what they like early in their journeys, don’t get frustrated, and actually make a purchase. 

And retailers using have seen exactly that – we’ve enabled our customers to grow their conversions by 80%!

1:1 Personalization and Customer Intelligence:

If the first half of the personalization puzzle is good product data, the other half is the customer data. 

True personalization means matching product data with every single shopper’s preferences – to surface exactly the products that are relevant for them. 

Yes, you read that right. For each individual shopper. Not a group of people who fall into predetermined buckets, but individual shoppers with varying preferences. 

No two shoppers are the same – and’s personalization solution understands that.

Let’s assume there are two shoppers who bought the same product on your site, say a pair of white sneakers. Shopper A might have bought that because she liked the color of those shoes, while Shopper B might have bought them because it’s lightweight and easy for her to carry. 

In that case, can you just bucket them under ‘White Shoes’ shoppers and show them products related to that? No. The two shoppers who bought the same product or belong to the same demographic category may have nothing in common beyond just that

In most personalization solutions today, we see segmenting solutions masquerading as personalization. But that is flawed as a concept. That is not true personalization – and is very unlikely to show any impact.

The make-up of a shopper profile
The make-up of a shopper profile

The solution should be capable of personalizing for each individual shopper and not based on assumptions for groups of them. 

And that’s exactly what does. creates unique profiles to understand each individual shopper’s preferences – and personalizes experiences based on that. That means, in the future Shopper A is shown more products similar to the color of the shoes that she had purchased earlier while Shopper B is shown lightweight, easy-to-carry products. 

With’s 1:1 personalization, retailers have seen their engagement rates jump by 26.3% and average order values increase by 40%.

Dynamic Personalization:

Understanding shopper intent in every session is key for personalization – and something most solution providers ignore. Or worse – they define intent based on the shopper’s previous sessions.

They couldn’t be more wrong. 

Shoppers come onto the site with varying intent in every session. One session, they might be looking to buy a pair of running shoes for a marathon they are training for, the next – they might just be browsing the latest collection trying to find a gift for a friend. Personalizing their second session based on what they looked for earlier will, obviously, have no impact.

How Dynamic Personalization Works
How Dynamic Personalization Works

This is where’s personalization platform vastly differs from other solution providers as our A.I. is able to clearly show impact by understanding shoppers’ intent in every session. And catering to that intent is exactly what does with dynamic personalization – it understands shoppers’ intent with every click, search, and action on the site, adjusting personalization in real-time. 

So it understands if a shopper is simply browsing the range of water bottles available on the site, if they are buying supplies to gear up for a marathon, if they are looking to gift a friend, or for any other reason. And by personalizing the shopper’s experiences based on this, retailers are actually able to see an impact – an increase in engagement, conversions, and successful sessions.

With’s dynamic personalization, retailers have seen over a 500% higher revenue per user after deploying the personalization solution.

To understand the product and the features better, check out this video:

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