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Here’s How You Can Enhance Your Retail Team’s Productivity4 min read

January 23, 2020 3 min read

Here’s How You Can Enhance Your Retail Team’s Productivity4 min read

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Site Merchandising is an essential part of your retail business online. An eCommerce productivity tool can help your teams improve merchandising efficiency and engage shoppers better.

Did you know?’s advanced merchandising solution – VueStyle –  is built for improving merchandising productivity!

Site Merchandising is displaying products in such a way that it sparks interest in shoppers and pushes them to make a purchase. Most retail businesses today have teams working on various aspects of merchandising.

Site Merchandising using an eCommerce productivity tool can help engage customers better. Photo via MindMag
Site Merchandising using an eCommerce productivity tool can help engage customers better. Photo via MindMag

Having curations on the homepage attracts shoppers and gives them a reason to engage and explore with the rest of the site. Today, merchandising teams put in a lot of manual effort and time in building curations. The process typically involves:

  • Deciding a theme for the curation
  • Listing product attributes relevant to the theme
  • Manually searching and finding products that match the attributes
  • Building a list of all such products and their IDs
  • Sending this list to the tech team
  • Uploading the curation to the site
  • Review & iteration based on the performance of the curation

For styling and merchandising teams that are intrinsically creative, this can get very dull. AI and Automation help retail teams improve efficiency across workflows. With AI, you can boost efficiency, speed up processes, improve accuracy, save time and manual effort, all while increasing shopper engagement.’s Style Curation Tool, for example, simplifies the curation building process. Based on mood boards that stylists upload, the tool understands the theme and curates a set of products and outfits that match. Internal teams can then review and approve these products and outfits. The tool is constantly learning from the customer’s behaviour to understand their requirements better. With every click, you get better results. You end up saving a lot of time and enable your merchandising and styling teams to spend more time on other creative pursuits. 

In addition to Site Merchandising, you can also use the eCommerce productivity tool for:

  1. Email Merchandising Content – Bringing back the lost shoppers and increasing shopper engagement –  Sending curated products and outfits via emails based on latest trends and relevant occasions is a great way of helping your shoppers explore your catalog without entering the site. VueStyle helps you easily curate these products and put them in templates of your choice.
  2. Marketing Asset – 75% of people admit to buying something just because they saw it on social media. Putting up collages of outfits for different seasons, trends, and occasions enable your shoppers to see all that you have to offer. In this process, VueStyle acts as an ecommerce productivity tool and helps you build collages and put them in your choice of layouts – making your catalog insta-ready!
  3. Product Lookbook Creation – Many fashion retailers today publish periodical lookbooks as a way of showcasing their collections. These are often based on particular trends or seasons. VueStyle helps you easily put together products and outfits to build such lookbooks.
  4. Photoshoot Looks Creation – Styling teams are also those who build looks for product photoshoots. These photos are used as product images, banner images, assets for marketing, etc. How the model is styled in these images reflects the brand’s personality. VueStyle can build unique outfits based on your brand’s personality – all with a few clicks!
  5. In-Store Merchandising – Mannequins and store windows in brick-and-mortar stores are often styled based on season-based themes and trends. The Style Curation Tool helps you come up with ideas for these with ease.

Retail businesses are closing at an unprecedented pace, and increasing productivity is essential to survive in the market. AI can help retailers forego mundane tasks, and instead save time and money; increase productivity and efficiency.

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