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Shoppable Video Placement Inspirations You Must See!4 min read

June 1, 2018   |   4 min read
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Shoppable Video Placement Inspirations You Must See!4 min read

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In a world where most major brands are powering up their digital marketing strategies with video, it is only natural to involve tech solutions to amplify engagement with campaigns. Video tech solutions can bring about a radical change to help you stand out from the herd and boost your marketing toolkit.

By 2020,  video will take up to 79% of all consumer internet traffic- now that’s a lot of video content!

How does a brand manage to stand apart from the white noise of new content?

Every product has a story.  How can you ensure that your products and campaigns pique the interest of your consumers? Our VueStudio design team has been closely studying a lot of industry experts and realize that in addition to generating interest,  a product video must create an interactive experience where a user can immediately act on what they are viewing.

We’ve taken these learnings and employed it in our flagship product VueStudio where it is now easy to create different shoppable video experiences and publish them to suit various layouts.

Here are some layout and placement inspirations that can maximize the visibility of your shoppable videos across your site and improve conversions. 

Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Publishing Layout?

A great publishing layout helps you achieve the following:

  • More visibility for your products
  • Reduced friction in user experience
  • Improved conversion rates

Getting Into The Details

VueStudio has different types of publishing layouts and here is how you can take advantage of them.

Check out “5 steps to video marketing awesomeness” to learn more about how to create shoppable videos and publish them in 5 easy steps.

1. Grid layout 

A grid is basically made of rows and columns. A simple comparison of a grid in everyday life would be that of an excel spreadsheet. Grid layouts are best placed in a dedicated video page where the user can come in and look at all of the product videos the website has to offer together. It gives the user an organized view of everything a campaign has to offer.

Why use the grid layout?

  • Great way to spread the user’s attention evenly across a page with videos that might be similar in flavor, or from the same campaign.  
  • Helps declutter the interface.
  • Helps maintain a common user interface across different platforms.
  • Best suited for a large number of products and videos.
VueStudio allows shoppable videos to be published in a grid layout on any page on your site, for a clean and organized webpage, with greater visibility into your campaign.  (Source: VueStudio)

2. Carousels

A carousel layout in essence is also a grid where only part of the information is visible to the user. To put it simply, it’s a slideshow of rotating shoppable videos. Carousels are best suited to promote campaigns in a homepage, campaign page and can even be a replacement for banners.

Why use the carousel layout?

  • Lets user’s focus on one product at a time
  • Best suited to showcase a limited number of products.
  • It digitally represents the way users shop in a store – with a full view of each product, embedded in real life scenarios. 

A carousel can be treated in two different ways on VueStudio. The first type is where the user can view one video at a time and the second is where the user can view and move pages containing multiple videos.

Shown below are some carousel layout inspirations for your homepage.

Example 1: VueStudio’s publishing options allow for a carousel layout on your homepage, where the video takes the form of a banner and can rotate to other banners as needed. (Source: VueStudio)
Example 2: A different layout option for showcasing shoppable videos on your homepage – including two videos instead of one main banner. (Source: VueStudio)
Example 3: Video carousel as a rotating widget below the main banner on a homepage.  (Source: VueStudio)
Example 4: Multiple video carousels in a video channel on the website. (Source: VueStudio)

Grids and carousels are some popular layouts that are effective in optimizing the placement of shoppable videos. VueStudio’s design team is constantly experimenting with different layout options that will help you spread your brand story in a meaningful manner. 

Go ahead and and sign up for a FREE TRIAL (no credit card needed) and start crafting your own success stories. We’re looking forward to hearing back on your experience.

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