Monetize Your Visual Content With Shop The Look

Monetize Your Visual Content With Shop The Look

Let’s face it. We live in a world where we are surrounded by screens, are always connected, and constantly sharing every moment of our lives with an audience that’s willing to “follow” us. User-generated content is on the rise, and there is an increasing number of shoppers who are sharing details of their purchases where they give credit to their favorite brands.

Take Instagram as an example. Seeing a phenomenal growth in just six years, it has grown to 500 million active monthly users sharing over 90 million photos and videos a day, with over 40 billion photos shared till date. And in case you’re wondering if it’s just pictures of babies, pets, or posts that scream out #foodporn – there’s a whole lot more that is out there, including glowing testimonials about the awesomeness of your brand!

User Generated Content is on the rise

Source: With so much user-generated content available, how do you monetize it?

With so much content being generated on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and so many other channels (that it’s getting hard to keep up), shouldn’t you be doing something to harness this content to turn it into a money-spinning opportunity?

The question that you’re probably asking yourself is “How is all this visual content going to help me scale my business?”

Enter’s Shop The Look

This is where our AI-powered Influencer, Shop the Look comes in. Our team of data scientists has managed to combine the power of computer vision technology, and user-generated content to recommend complete looks and a variety of styles with just a simple click, or a tap.

Understanding the value of your time,’s Shop the Look ensures that your resources don’t have to go through the process of manual curation,  by automating the process of monetizing your visual content. Consider the impact it would have on your bottom line!

Our team of data scientists has managed to combine the power of computer vision technology, and user generated content to recommend complete looks and a variety of styles with just a simple click, or a tap

Monetizing imagery with Shop the Look

Source:’s Shop the Look lets you monetize your social media field, and practically any form of imagery

How Does Shop The Look Work?

Our leading computer vision technology’s object detection capabilities, recognize objects from a picture, no matter how busy the background might be. Taking it a step further, our advanced extraction capabilities detect specific products from objects within the image. Taking into consideration the specific attributes that a shopper prefers, the products identified in the photograph are automatically combined with your catalog data, thereby making all your visual content clickable, and shoppable simultaneously. This makes it possible for your shoppers to view exact product matches, as well as visually similar options instantly, without the need to navigate away from the page.

How Shop the Look works

Source: Here’s how’s Shop the Look works

Our social media curation ensures that all the imagery is authenticated, and contains the most relevant products for your brand. We find, collect, and curate photos posted by your shoppers in real-time from across multiple social media channels. We’re able to make your social media channels actionable – providing a seamless transition from social media galleries and your e-commerce store.

Moreover, these shoppable images can be used pretty much anywhere you’d like! Create lookbooks with what’s trending, what your favorite customers are wearing, showcase the latest celebrity styles with what you’ve got in your catalog, or just promote these looks on the relevant product detail pages (PDPs) to help your shoppers visualize ensembles immediately. In essence, you get shoppable galleries wherever you want them, whenever you want them, without any IT know-how. And here’s the best part – all the social proof your brand ever needed, wherever you want it, whenever you want it!

Why it’s Important Now, More Than Ever, To Consider Shop The Look

No endorsement is as powerful as the one that’s by a happy shopper! And to make it count, what better place to find them than their preferred social media networks? Shop the look helps you discover social influencers and your active followers who are willing to evangelize your brand online.

No endorsement is as powerful as one that’s by a happy shopper!

So what you get in return is a 1:1 relationship with your most passionate customers, and the ability to monetize your earned media.

What Makes’s Shop The Look different?

Unlike solutions where the catalog data has to be manually mapped to social media imagery,’s visual AI algorithms automate this process,  making these images easy to curate and almost instantly shoppable.

Wondering how to make recommendations more relevant? ensures it curates the looks based on the shopper’s patterns, profile, and location by leveraging its style and location identifiers that are constantly evolving in real-time. So whether it’s your Williamsburg hipster looking for a more “non-conformist” style, or the San Francisco techie looking for something a little more preppy – we’ve got them all covered, along with the right seasonal styles!  

Unlike solutions where the catalog data has to be manually mapped to social media imagery,’s visual AI algorithms automate this process

Our in-house design team provides you with a variety of layouts to ensure that the widget is in line with your website’s design language.

Shop the look is super easy to use, and to integrate – giving your shoppers the ultimate AI-powered stylist that works seamlessly with all your VueCommerce applications. So whether you wish to cross-sell and up-sell with other widgets, or show visually similar alternatives, we have solutions for all your use cases. 

Shop the look with VueCommerce

Easy to integrate with all your VueCommerce widgets, Shop the Look simplifies the process of cross-selling and up-selling

Social Commerce – Go Or No-Go?

Still wondering if you need that social validation? Still evaluating whether you need to capitalize on all things visual and viral? Here’s some food for thought. There are people out there who are providing your brand, or your store with free marketing. And with minimal investment, you get to use these endorsements and are able to monetize them. Sounds like a no-brainer to us!

If you still have any questions about how it works, just click on the link provided below, or drop us a note at We’ll make sure one of our humans’ schedules a quick 1:1 demo to show you how it works, and how it can bring value to your business.

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