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Reduce Photoshoot Costs: Online Retailer’s Guide3 min read

February 18, 2020   |   3 min read
Shradha R

Associate Director | Head - Product Marketing

Product Photoshoot Alternative

Reduce Photoshoot Costs: Online Retailer’s Guide3 min read

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Why are retailers and fashion brands looking to reduce photoshoot costs? Primarily, the cost of photographing hundreds or thousands of products is massive. The overall time, manpower and energy spent in the process of photoshoots can be channeled for other productive objectives. Taking into account that retailers are constantly looking to scale their brand, a high-cost & slow output process can be a significant hindrance.

Reducing photoshoot costs is one step towards being more efficient and growing as a business.

However, there is no escaping the need for high quality product imagery, especially in fashion retail. Shoppers need to see photos of products on models before making purchasing decisions. 

Here is where the role of AI comes in. With Automated On-Model Fashion Imagery, the cost of photoshoots reduce by 75%! Let’s delve into the processes involved in a retail photoshoot and compare it with an AI alternative.

Unraveling Today’s Retail Photoshoots

A typical photoshoot process involves individual costs for models, photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, transportation, photo studio rental and photo equipment, digital tech and post production. Reshoots, that happen around 5% of the time, implies a repeat of all these costs.

Reduce Photoshoot Costs with Automated On-Model Fashion Imagery
The people and resources required in the traditional photoshoot process is massive.

Another cost is just the amount of time lost—photoshoots are slow. Completing the entire process and uploading the images on to the site can take weeks, if not months. This means that the retailer is losing out on selling time. The gap between procuring products and actually putting them up on the site is significant—and costs retailers potential sales during that period.

With photoshoots of today, the environmental cost is incredibly high. The amount of resources being put into this one process is not sustainable—there is a lot of single-use materials and waste generated. Moreover, a high amount of energy is consumed during photoshoots. 

The need to reduce photoshoot costs is real. And like for many high-cost activities and sustainability woes, the product imagery creation process can be optimized with technology. 

Reduce Photoshoot Costs | Automated On-Model Imagery

AI-powered Intelligent Retail Automation has multiple solutions optimizing processes, workflows, and experiences across the retail supply chain. Automated On-Model Fashion Imagery is the answer to improve efficiency and reduce photoshoot costs for the product imagery creation process.

‘Automated On-Model Fashion Imagery’ is a packed termbut what does it mean?

This is a solution that enables you to take basic product photos—and transform them into high quality on-model product images. This means that the majority of photoshoot costs are now removed. Retailers don’t have to pay for models, stylists, make-up artists, post production, and many other expenses! And since Automated On-Model Fashion Imagery is AI-powered, it is also much faster than the regular retail photoshoot process.

Reduce Photoshoot Costs with Automated On-Model Fashion Imagery
VueModel helps transform your product images to on-model product imagery. You can choose from different ethnicities, sizes, and poses for your models.

VueModel,’s Automated On-Model Fashion Imagery solution helps retailers save upto 75% of costs and at five times the speed of traditional photoshoots. Retailers can also customize what models look like on their site from a variety of ethnicities, skin tones, and even sizes of models. 

Being Smart about Retail Imagery Creation

Today’s retail space is excruciatingly competitive. For a fashion business to stay at the top of the game, retailers need to make smart decisions about where their money goes. Photoshoots have for long been a pricey affair. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

To learn more about Automated On-Model Fashion Imagery and VueModel, click here.

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Associate Director | Head - Product Marketing

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