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The New Age of Personal AI Styling and Outfitting8 min read

December 11, 2021   |   6 min read
Shradha R

Associate Director | Head - Product Marketing

The New Age of Personal AI Styling and Outfitting8 min read

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In the vast world of fashion, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Bringing some order to the chaos is where the function of a stylist comes in – stylists are there across all platforms where fashion is the protagonist – fashion magazines, clothing boutiques, and day-to-day styling of people.

A stylist puts together outfits – keeping in mind fashion rules and the purpose of styling. Styling depends on a lot of things – the occasion, the cultural/social context, the brand’s character, and most importantly, the wearer’s personality, all of these resonate with the outfit.

There are two kinds of people stylists – those who work associated with a particular brand and those who work associated with a particular person. In the retail end, the ones associated with brands are usually present as in-store stylists who help clients create outfits for their body type and preferences from the selection available. This, while helpful, does not go beyond the realm of what the store or the designer has to offer. The stylist may not understand the client’s personality and predict what they are looking for. The essence of styling here is a little restricted. Stylists associated with people, known as personal stylists, on the other hand, give a more holistic styling experience. A large part of their job revolves around understanding their client. The entire AI Styling process is done keeping in mind the personality of the client. However, personal stylists are considered a luxury as not everyone would be able to afford their services. Personal stylists are typically seen as a part of celebrity crews.

The Game Changer – AI for Styling and Personalization

Here is where the role of AI comes in – in bringing the luxury of a personal stylist to each shopper without the exorbitant costs.’s AI Stylist is a smart solution for personalized AI styling & outfitting for fashion retailers. In addition to basic styling options for different pieces, the engine also shows different ways of styling an outfit for various occasions – all personalized to the shopper’s preferences.

Bringing A Personalized AI Styling Experience For All

In today’s customer-centric retail world, it is all about the experience. Personal AI styling has been an experience that not many parts of society have been privy to. It has always had the tag of luxury attached to it. Making this accessible for every shopper on the eCommerce website brings with it quite a bit of a novelty. And like all novel experiences, it is exciting. The shopper wants to see all that the platform has to offer. Outfit recommendations for different occasions, based on the shopper’s unique Style Profile, and the huge variety of choices, all contribute to this very glamorous experience.

Personal Styling and Outfitting

The flip side of most novel experiences, however, is that once it isn’t as fresh or novel anymore, it tends to get boring, unless truly useful. The AI Stylist’s recommendations, while being novel, also make the entire experience very addictive. The shopper gets used to being able to see outfit recommendations and look at inspirations for every piece they browse. That is what they want to see everywhere now – a shopping experience doesn’t feel complete without knowing what one can wear with whatever they are buying. If Sarah, a shopper on the website, has gotten used to seeing how she can wear a white peplum top for different occasions – with different pants, skirts, and coats – she would not want to go to another website where no such AI styling recommendations are shown. The fact that each ensemble is personalized to her specific tastes and preferences only helps further.

Inspiring With Style

In addition to being novel, exciting, glamorous, and addictive, AI Styling recommendations can also bring with it a very explorative experience. As a shopper, Sarah might have never thought to pair a solid blue top with a striped gray skater skirt – but she gets introduced to this combination on an eCommerce website and ends up buying it. Sarah may have not even been aware that she wants that outfit till the website serves it up.

People’s styling inspiration may be varied. Movies, magazines, fashion icons, Instagram pages, fashion boards on Pinterest, past looks, etc all play a role. They influence the kind of styling decisions we make – but also limit them to a major extent. One may not be able to think beyond what their different sources of inspiration have taught them. AI does not have these boundaries. The AI Stylist builds multiple ensembles for each piece without being limited by specific inspirations, whilst adhering to fashion and styling rules and thus, not compromising on style.

eCommerce personal styling

These recommendations inspire the shopper with different ways of AI Styling a product in terms of its own attributes and based on style & occasion. Rules-based on style, shape, and color of the clothes are matched with fashion rules for different occasions – defining the algorithms the personalization platform uses to come up with the various ensembles.

The inspiration also helps cases where the shopper may like a piece but has no idea of how to wear it. If Sarah, while shopping on the website, finds a blue fringe tank top she really likes, but cannot think of anything she can wear it with, the AI Stylist can help give her that inspiration. She doesn’t have to choose against buying the top just because she doesn’t know how to wear it. The eCommerce revenue is particularly benefited by cases like this – instead of losing a sale of one product because the shopper isn’t aware of how to wear it, you could be selling an entire outfit – the blue fringe top as well as the pants, shoes, and accessories that go with it.

Dynamic Individualization For A Personal AI Styling Experience

No experience today adds value to the shopper if it is not personalized – and personalized to such a specific level for each that it is basically individualized to each shopper.’s AI Stylist is constantly learning what the shopper wants to see. The ensemble options being shown are constantly and consistently adapting to the customer’s preferences by learning in real-time from their behavior on the site and their interaction with the recommendations – building their unique Style Profile and constantly updating it.

Styling and Outfitting

What’s more, shoppers won’t have to worry about getting options that they will never wear. If Sarah doesn’t like floral prints – the AI algorithms pick that up based on how she has responded to outfits with floral prints in the past. The engine immediately learns not to show her outfits with floral prints, saving her the frustration of dealing with options that she would never wear.

It Goes Beyond Just Styling helps fashion retailers give their shoppers stylish and personalized outfitting recommendations for every product – boosting Average Order Size and Average Order Value. There are 3 primary AI Styling recommendations that offers:

  1. AI Stylist – The AI stylist recommends different ways in which a shopper can wear a product with other products in the catalog – for different themes and occasions. The AI has been trained to build outfits for a set of preset themes. When provided with a base product, the AI Stylist builds a number of product combinations for the chosen themes and the highest-ranked outfits are displayed to the shopper. You can also choose to build custom themes for your brand based on your business goals.
  2. Shop The Look – Shop The Look identifies and recommends the products that a model in an image is wearing. It helps monetize the entire product photo rather than focus on a single product. Using AI-powered image recognition, Shop The Look extracts different products shown in the PDP image. It then matches this with the catalog to find the exact products. If something is out of stock or not available, the AI replaces it with the next closest match.
    Omnichannel Shopping Experience
  3. Complete The Lock – When a shopper lands on a product, Complete The Look recommends different ways the source product can be matched and worn with other products in the catalog. These can be across all categories. When provided with a source product, the system builds different product combinations and the highest-ranked outfits are displayed to the shopper. Product combinations are ranked based on guidelines provided by the retailer. When we add a layer of personalization to Complete the Look, the outfits recommended are matched to every individual shopper’s style preferences.

Get, Set, Style!

Increased Average Order Values (AOV), improved customer lifetime value (LTV), and an impressively improved customer experience are some of the results’s personalization engine can offer. This could be the game-changer that can get you to the top.

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