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Mad Street Den Meets Decoded Fashion2 min read

May 12, 2016   |   < 1 min read
decoded fashion london

Mad Street Den Meets Decoded Fashion2 min read

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We’re bringing our own brand of innovation to Kings Place, London for the Decoded Fashion Summit on May 17–18, 2016

Last year, we had an amazing time at Decoded Fashion, NYC.

Kristen Marano, one of our marketing and sales heads, attended incredibly insightful sessions on fashion tech, and met business experts like Under Armour’s Sid Jatia, Spring’s Alan Tisch and DKNY’s Hector Muelas.

This year, we’re going back for more! We’re super pumped to meet great brands and retailers like Farfetch, TopShop,, and Instagram.

Sparking Innovation in Retail

And as always, Decoded is starting conversations that we’d very much like to be a part of:

  • Understanding the need for technology online and in-store, and monetizing tech systems to drive ROI
  • How merchandizers can plan inventory, forecast trends and serve relevant recommendations to customers based on buying insights
  • Thinking customer first to integrate lifestyle choices into store experiences, providing on-demand service and going omnichannel
  • How retailers can grow engaged communities around a brand through engagement
  • Leveraging big data and customer insights for targeted products and sales

Hang out with us on May 17th and 18th at King’s Place to talk about how visual intelligence and personalization can help your retail business grow online and offline.

We’re an artificial intelligence company with a fashion and AI product — That means we’re working at the nexus of artificial intelligence, computer vision, big data, analytics and fashion technology. (Yes, it can get crazy.) But we’re focussed on making your customers’ experiences enjoyable and fun in the most efficient and profitable ways for you.

Come see what we do at

Connect with Kristen Marano (Marketing & Sales Head) and Sachin Mehta (Sales Head) through email or reach out to them on Twitter.

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