A Beginner’s Guide to AI Powered Email Personalization

A Beginner’s Guide to AI Powered Email Personalization

The start of each year brings with it a new set of targets, along with newer technologies and channels for your marketers to master. But one technology that continues to stay at the top of every marketer’s list, year after year, is email marketing and in this context, it is relevant to understand email personalization.

Over 88 business emails are received by an individual every day, making it a clear choice for digital marketers.
– The Radicati Group

It is also no secret that emails have a phenomenally high ROI. According to the Direct Marketing Association, the average return for every US$1 spent on email marketing is close to US$38. McKinsey & Company says that mail is nearly 40X more effective than Facebook and Twitter for acquiring customers.


So it’s a no-brainer. Emails work. And they work well — low investment and satisfyingly high returns by all reports. But then, why are we flooded with missives from eCommerce sites and retailers that we barely open? The ones that are always relegated to the Promotions tab, away from all the emails we actually want to read. (Go ahead and search your inbox, it’s true.)

Email marketing is not quite the marketing utopia it looks to be on the surface. It has bigger, more rewarding payouts than many other channels, but the challenges and problems involved need real ingenuity to solve.

According to a recent report by Campaigner, there are three main email marketing challenges that marketers faced in 2016:

  1. Getting People to Open Emails – Let’s face it, there are just too many emails. When getting to Inbox Zero has become a life hack in itself, what chance does your email have against the whole barrage hitting an average inbox every day? So click rates decline, the Promotions tab is largely ignored and email ROIs are hit.
  2. Creating Compelling Content – In a world where content explosion is a very real thing, how do you create personalized outfit emails that add real value to say a person shopping for apparel? It’s a time and resource-intensive job involving experienced curators and content creators who can understand an audience and craft messages specifically for them.
  3. Earning New Subscribers – Email marketing has a strong tie-in with the effectiveness of your website or brand. What will make people want to receive recurring promotions, offers and other content like email product recommendations from you? The value-add must be worth seeing one more new unread email in their inbox every other day or every week, month after month.

And with the wave of email personalization cresting, customers aren’t pleasantly surprised to receive personalized email product recommendations anymore, they expect it.

According to one report by the CMO council, 54% of consumers would actually consider ending their relationship with a retailer if they are not given tailor-made, relevant content and offers.

But until now, there has been no one technology that solved all three of these problems in a holistic way with email personalization. No technology that could see, learn and accurately decide what a customer wants and when without extensive human intervention.

Introducing VueMail: The World’s First Visually Powered, Artificial Intelligence Driven Email Marketing Solution

At Vue.ai, we’re simplifying email personalization with VueMail — an easy-to-use email marketing solution that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to understand the contextual data signals left behind by your shoppers, and Computer Vision technology that understands visual cues that they leave behind — like color, pattern, design, and fit.

As we step into 2017, there are new, advanced tools in our arsenal that can make it simple for brands to:

  1. Judge intent to purchase as a customer browses through your website and provide relevant content such as personalized product recommendations and personalized outfit emails.
  2. Provide advanced vision-based data insights to help optimize and scale email marketing efforts
  3. Maintain smaller core content teams assisted by artificial intelligence systems that can pick items based on color, pattern and style preferences of individual customers

Traditionally, the personalization muscle behind most email marketing solutions has been focused on understanding the click and buy behavior of users. But we know, this data is riddled with a ton of noise, increasing the error rate on predictions that help us match people with the products they like. By modeling visual style preferences of each and every customer, along with their behavior on the site, VueMail delivers meaningful, relevant email product recommendations that shoppers can relate to.

We understand from shoppers across the globe, that fit and flair and perception of how something looks on you, is at the essence of why you pick an outfit over others. So much of fashion is about emotion. What better than a personalized outfit email with the perfect little black dress your shopper has been hunting for, with her preferences for long sleeves, mini-length and a round neck, just when she’s looking for it?

Click here to learn more about VueMail, and how you can start with improved email marketing that dramatically increases your ROI through true visual personalization – email personalization that’s ahead of the curve, and leverages advanced data and Artificial Intelligence to show products that are not only relevant, but are closely mapped to each of your shoppers’ preferences.

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