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6 Ways To Help Your Shoppers Find That Perfect Ensemble This Holiday Season!3 min read

October 19, 2017   |   4 min read

6 Ways To Help Your Shoppers Find That Perfect Ensemble This Holiday Season!3 min read

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It is the round up to the most mind-boggling time of the year. With an avalanche of all kinds of deals smothering shoppers everywhere, being relatable to the mass is key. By understanding how people buy and use your products, and how their behaviour might change in real-time, you can quantify where the potential gaps lie within your brand offerings. And what better time to do it than the holiday season?

Here Are 6 Ways To Help You Bring The X-Factor This Holiday Season:

1. Homepage Personalization

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Show shoppers what they want to see right from the homepage to ensure that they are hooked on to your site early on. Provide micro-personalized offers, deals, and coupons on the homepage to strengthen customer relationships and drive revenue growth.   Everybody wants to ‘bring in the new’ around the holiday season, so help them find it!

2. Seamless Product Discovery To Reduce Cart Abandonment

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Shoppping cart abandonment is the real bummer for every retailer. Let your customers discover what they truly love by recommending personalized ensembles or complementary options for the product they are interested in, and help them follow through with their purchase. Not only does this allow for better product discovery, but it also encourages them to spend more time on your site and engage with all the deals and discounts available. Essentially, you are making sure that you stay relevant to the shopper at all times.

3. Last-Minute Shopping Made Easy


You don’t have to be Kevin McCallister’s parents to forget about your loved ones! Help soothe your shoppers in those last-minute panic-induced shopping sprees by showing them cross-product options to complete their ensemble.’s Ensemble Generator is an AI tool that shows complementary items on any page on the site, cutting down navigational time between categories. So your customers can buy what they want quickly and efficiently with a personalized set of recommendations to complete their ensemble on the spot.

4. Pairing It Right


Buying gifts for the family can be a real ordeal, and being a simple Joe when it comes to understanding fashion doesn’t help your shopper much. The Ensemble Generator curates relevant Look-books and trending must-haves for the season- this way, not only are you educating shoppers on the latest styles, but you might also inspire them to think outside the box a little and look for more. Each ensemble is just one click away!

5. We See Right Through That Funky Hat


Not sure if it’s a cocktail dress or just a really short business casual one? Our AI knows. The Ensemble Generator personalizes your shoppers’ journey so they find exactly what you like according to the occasion, and this holiday season, it is a blessing to know exactly what to wear to which event, while not having to stare at the image description page for too long!

6. Holiday Specific Assortment


Let’s face it- holiday time data is important! Studies suggest that around 30 percent of annual retail sales occur between Black Friday and Christmas. But imagine being recommended beachwear when you’re looking for sweaters in November. Consumer data is highly specific for each season, so recommendations also need to be in real-time. The Ensemble Generator is here as your saviour! Our algorithms understand the need of the hour while taking the shopper intent and their choices into account to suggest the perfect article for them!

Let AI help you reduce churn, grow a holistic relationship with your customer and make those merry bells ring this holiday!
Like what you’ve read about the ensemble generator? Check out to know all things our AI can do for you this season!

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