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AI Stylist

Powered with ensemble generation

Stay consistently relevant with customer context
Visual Search
Let people discover what they want by clicking a picture
Email and Ads
Target customers on social, email and more with their own style preferences
Personalized Homepages
Turn your homepage into a personal stylist for every customer
Product Recommendations
Convert with visual, personalized, cross-product & cohort-driven recommendations
Automated Tagging
Use visual intelligence to tag products without manual effort
Accelerate performance with Vue.ai
People who engaged with Vue.ai’s solutions led to
More time spent on site
Increase in conversion rates
More product views
Find Your Business Fit
The fastest way to integrate AI-based optimization into your website or eCommerce store. You talk to us, we talk to you, we deploy and it performs. Boom.
What’s in it for you
Visual search and product recommendations. Quick and easy.
Solution ensembles that fit your business to a tee. Schedule a consultation to chat about maximising revenue and the next stages of connecting with your customers.
What’s in it for you
Custom integration for your mixtape of solutions.
Futuristic, made-to-measure technology researched and built specifically for larger-than-life experiences and the subtleties of luxury.
What’s in it for you
A complete high-tech, phygital solution.