What is VueTag?

An AI-powered catalog management tool with automated and accurate tags for better product discovery

VueTag is an AI-powered image recognition solution that automatically tags and categorizes product catalogs with attributes like color, pattern, length, neckline, sleeve-type and more. The tool extracts accurate, detailed product attributes from the images at a fraction of time and cost incurred by retailers today. Automated tagging means no manual intervention, 10X faster product digitization, faster time to market and significant cost savings. With better data, you can unify product information across channels, improve the shopper’s product discovery experience and make informed buying and merchandising decisions.

An automated solution in 3 easy steps

Who is it for?


Brands, Multi-brand Retailers and Marketplaces

VueTag helps fashion brands manage, organize and enhance their product catalogs with rich metadata. E-commerce Product Managers can ensure a seamless product discovery experience for their shoppers, increasing engagement and reducing bounce rates with accurate product tags, titles and descriptions generated by our AI algorithms. Merchandising teams can curate collections and thematic pages with style, occasion, season tags and more. Buying teams can make informed decisions about assortment planning and forecasting. With VueTag, there’s value generation, automation and better data for multiple teams within retail organizations.

"For us as a partner of, one of the most useful AI use cases is auto-tagging. Simply because we have thousands of sellers each putting up 5000-10,000 products per month. And that is a ridiculously high number of SKUs."

Ankiti Bose

Ankiti Bose

CEO & Co-Founder


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Tag your products in 3 easy steps

Small and Medium Business

VueTag is designed to help small and medium business owners break free from time-consuming, error-prone manual processes by automating catalog management. Accurate and consistent product tags and titles enables shoppers to easily discover products over competition. The AI-powered tool automatically tags products, making it easy to list them across social media and ecommerce platforms, faster than ever before.

“Amora is all about fashion for people and we take pride in bringing something new for our customers, frequently. We were looking for a solution to quickly reach customers with our wholesale range of apparel and spend fewer resources to write content for each product. VueTag not only helped us label Amora's exhaustive range of products, it also generated SEO optimized description for each product in no time! We tend to our customers' needs while keeping an eye on our stocks with the CMS tool, but VueTag helped us unify our retail process end-to-end.“

Sanjana Rajendran

Sanjana Rajendran

CEO & Co-Founder
Amora Bershy

10x faster product digitization

Save time and effort with faster time to market and significant cost savings.


products tags and attributes served



category tags and attributes



images tagged per hour



time saved per person per week


Faster Tagging.

Cleaner Catalogs.

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