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Make Visual AI Your Email Marketing Companion for 2017

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While email continues to be the prime choice for marketers, they are coming under increased pressure from customers to offer truly personalized messages to customers. Marketers are seeking out new ways to cut out the clutter and provide matches to products which shoppers would truly identify with and hence, engage with the brand. View Post
How To Turbocharge Your Email Marketing With Vuemail To Engage, Retain & Recover Visual AI Personalized email Sync with your ESP Visual AI powered algorithms that are built for retail Real-time personalization Hassle-free integration

Improve transaction rates with Computer Vision based AI that leverages visual cues like color, texture and patterns Track your shoppers and products in real-time, making sure your emails are timely, relevant and highly personalized VueMail's API based integration approach ensures the shortest integration timelines, while being flexible and Email Service Provider agnostic
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